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Photo # NH 66364: USS R-2 off New York City, 29 April 1939. Photographed by Ted Stone.

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Ted Stone (Theodore N. Silberstein), 1917-2000

Ted Stone was a noted photographer of U.S. Navy subjects from the mid-1930s into the later years of the Twentieth Century. Born in New York City on 29 July 1917, as Theodore N. Silberstein, he was a life-long resident of that city and its environs. In his youth, he showed an aptitude for photography, and early developed a strong interest in the Navy and its ships. During the 1930s, while making a living as a professional photographer, he was a member of a small, but very productive and influential group of ship enthusiasts centered in the New York area.

By the beginning of World War II he had changed his family name from Silberstein to Stone and, in the wake of the December 1941 Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor enlisted in the Navy. After serving as a Photographer's Mate, he was commissioned in the rank of Ensign and, during much of 1944, was an officer of the escort ship Parle (DE-708) during her operations in the Atlantic and Mediterranean convoy lanes. Transferred to the Navy Photographic School near the end of that year, following graduation he was stationed at Naval Air Station Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Returning to civilian life in the spring of 1946, Ted Stone resumed his career as a commercial photographer, under his own name and as the Neptune Photo Agency. Later in the decade he entered the textile business, working in that field well into the 1980s. Photography and Navy ships remained prime enthusiasms, and he traveled extensively in pursuit of these interests. Ted Stone died on 9 May 2000. His photographic work lives on in the collections of the Mariners Museum, at Newport News, Virginia, and of the Naval Historical Center.

An appreciation of Ted Stone's life and work was published in the journal "Warship International", Number 2, 2001, pages 121-128. The information provided above largely comes from that source.

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