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Photo # NH 46231:  Troop messing space on USS Mercury, circa 1918-1919.  Photographed by Lt(JG) William A. Nightingale

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William A. Nightingale, Lieutenant, USN (CC) - Retired, (1880-19??)

William Arthur Nightingale was born in England on 19 October 1880. He enlisted in the Navy in 1905 and received a warrant appointment as Carpenter in October 1914. During 1918-1920 he was temporarily commissioned, reaching the rank of Lieutenant before reverting to warrant status as a Chief Carpenter in about 1920. During 1918-1919 he served on board the transport Mercury (ID # 3012), and all photographs we have of his date from that time. Chief Carpenter Nightingale retired, with the rank of Lieutenant, in July 1939, though he appears to have been recalled to active duty during World War II. He was still carried on the retired register in 1960.

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The following photographs were taken by William A. Nightingale:

Note concerning other photographs possibly taken by William A. Nightingale:

In 1971 two photograph albums were donated to the Naval Hospital at San Diego, California, by Mrs. W.A. Nightengale, who then resided in that city. The Hospital transferred them to the Naval Historical Center in October 1971 and both were subsequently added to the Center's photographic collections as Lot S-128. One album (S-128-A) largely concerned USS Mercury's activities in 1918-1919. The other (S-128-B) mainly involved the battleship Pennsylvania (BB-38) in about the mid-1920s.
Since Lieutenant (Junior Grade) William A. Nightingale was an officer on USS Mercury, and is known to have taken other photographs on that ship, it appears very possible that he is also responsible for the two albums that came from Mrs. W.A. Nightengale (whose name may have been mis-spelled when the albums were transferred in 1971), and may have taken some of the photographs they contain. (It should be noted, however, that he served on USS Pennsylvania in the later 1920s, which appears to be after the time of the second album.).
Several photographs from Mrs. Nightengale's first album, concerning USS Mercury, have been individually numbered and added to the Online Library under the following Photo Numbers:
NH 98573; NH 98574; NH 98575; NH 98576; NH 98577;
NH 98578; NH 98579; NH 98580; NH 98581;
NH 98582; NH 98583; NH 98584; NH 98585; NH 98586;
NH 98587; and NH 98588.

If you want higher resolution reproductions than the Online Library's digital images, see: "How to Obtain Photographic Reproductions."

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