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Photo # NH 43476:  USS Siboney crewmen in the ship's engine room, December 1918.  Photographed by John G. Krieger

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John G. Krieger (1888-19??)

John Gustave Krieger was born in Ohio on 2 January 1888. He enlisted in the Navy in about 1907, and appears to have served in that year in the cruiser St. Louis. In 1916-1918 he was assigned to the converted yacht Eagle, operating in Cuban waters. On 24 September 1917, Krieger (who by that time may have been a Chief Petty Officer) received a temporary appointment to the Warrant rank of Machinist. As such he was an officer in the transport Siboney during 1918-1919. Later in 1919 he served in the battleship Delaware. He took photographs on all the ships named, as well as of other subjects during the 1916-1919 period.

Later details on John G. Krieger's Navy career are sketchy. He apparently reverted to Enlisted status following the World War I era, and remained in the service for many more years. He retired on 1 June 1937, but returned to active duty during World War II, receiving a second temporary appointment as a Machinist on 22 June 1942. In 1966-1967 he donated a large number of original negatives (most, if not all, taken by him) to the Naval Historical Display Center (as the Navy Museum was called at that time). In a letter written from his home in La Jolla, California, on 17 August 1967, he commented (concerning his World War I era photos): "During the war I had 3 cameras. A graflex, a postal size folding and a small kodak. The small kodak I could conceal by carrying it in my pocket."

As an aside, the present writer maintains a warm spot in his heart for John G. Krieger's photographs, as this collection was the first one this curator processed after joining the staff of the Naval History Division (later Naval Historical Center, and most recently Naval History and Heritage Command) in 1967.

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