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J. Beatrice Bowman album, circa 1908-1915 -- pages 38-45

This page provides textual information and thumbnail images for pages 38 through 45 of Navy Nurse J. Beatrice Bowman's 1908-1915 album of her Navy service.

For introductory information on this album, see: S-581 -- General Description.

Notes on text provided with pages:

  • Text entries in quotations are taken from inscriptions hand-written in the album in the locations noted in italics.
  • Text entries without quotation marks are provided by the Naval Historical Center's staff.

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    Left: Page 38
    J. Beatrice Bowman and pet dog.

    Right: Page 39
    Nurses at Naval Hospital, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, with their dog, "Mutt". "March 1913"


    Turn page 90 degrees to right

    Written on photo -- "J.B.B. & 'Mutt'" "March 1913"


    Names written on photo: Across top-- "Miss Doering, Miss Roller, Miss Patterson, Miss Caldwell, Miss Donaldson, Miss Brightbill, Miss Blaine, Miss Wilkins, Miss Crawford"
    Across bottom -- "Miss Lomax, Miss Detweiler, Miss Bowman, Miss Gorham"

    Left: Page 40
    Nurses at Naval Hospital, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, with their dog, "Mutt". "March 1913".

    Right: Page 41
    Top left photo: Pay Inspector Samuel McGowan, Fleet Paymaster, Atlantic Fleet.
    Lower left photo: Scene on board a battleship.
    Right photos: Scenes at Naval Hospital, Philadelphia (probably).


    J.Beatrice Bowman is standing just to the right of the dog.


    Written above top right photo -- "Entrance to Naval Home looking ___th"
    Below top right photo -- "Nurses Quarters - ___ - '13"
    Below bottom right photo -- "Quarters of Gov. of U.S.N. Hospital"

    Left: Page 42
    Written at top right -- "A 'Hike' down the Wissahickon Aug. 10 - '13".
    This location is in or near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

    Right: Page 43
    Same subject as page 42


    Written below left photo -- "Looking down from stone bridge built in 1820."
    Above right photo -- "Miss Roller, Miss Wilkins, Mr. Kilpatrick"
    Below right photo -- "Miss Leeder"


    Written above top photo -- "Miss Wilkins" "Miss Roller"
    Below top photo -- "Miss Bowman" "Miss Leeder"
    Below bottom left photo -- "Miss Wilkins"
    Below bottom right photo -- "Mr. Kilpatrick"

    Left: Page 44
    More scenes on the Wissahickon, Aug. 10, 1913.

    Right: Page 45
    Postcard, postmarked USS Wyoming, Guantanamo, Cuba, 23 Feb. 1913, (superimposed over page) with both sides reproduced here. It shows Pay Inspector Samuel McGowan (left) and Paymaster's Clerk William R. Ryan. Its message reads: "Me & Ryan as we appeared Feby 22, 13. I have lost 19 1/2 pounds!"
    Photos on the main page appear to have been taken at Naval Hospital, Philadelphia. Those at right show J.Beatrice Bowman with Mr. & Mrs. DeForest Bowman and their son Jack. (See page 21 for an August 1911 studio photo of them, taken in the same clothing.) Photo at left shows Jack with old Carronade.


    Written in top right --"Aug 10 - Near where we stopped for lunch"
    J. Beatrice Bowman is 2nd from the right in both photos.




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