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Published Sources

Bibliographies Published by the Naval Historical Center; a listing


Battle Streamers of the United States Navy

By Sea, Air, and Land; An Illustrated History of the U.S. Navy and the War in Southeast Asia by Edward J. Marolda

Christening, Launching and Commissioning of U.S. Navy Ships; (pages 1-8; pages 9-16;) (pdf file)

Dictionary of American Naval Aviation Squadrons Volume 1, The History of VA, VAH, VAK, VAL, and VFA Squadrons by Roy Grossnick

Department of the Navy Policy Regtarding Custody and Management of Sunken Naval Vessels and Aircraft Wreck Sites

Evolution of Aircraft Carriers

The First Flight Across The Atlantic; the flight by NC-4

Glossary of U.S. Naval Code Words, NAVEEXOS P-474 (Revised March 1948)

History of U.S. Naval Aviation (1911-1925) by Captain W. H. Sitz, USMC

Instances of Use of United States Forces Abroad, 1798-1993 by Ellen C. Collier

Naval Aviation in the Pacific

Naval Aviation in World War I

20th Century Warriors: Native American Participation in the United States Military

United States Naval Aviation 1910-1995

U.S. Navy in DESERT SHIELD / DESERT STORM, prepared by the Office of the Chief of Naval Operations

Why is the Colonel Called "Kernal"? The Origin of the Ranks and Rank Insignia Now Used by the United States Armed Forces by Raymond Oliver

Unpublished Government Documents:

"Battle of Midway: 4-7 June 1942: The Role of COMINT in the Battle of Midway (SRH-230)" by Henry Schorreck

Compilation of Enlisted Ratings and Apprenticeships, U.S. Navy, 1775-1969

"History of the Seabees" by Vincent A. Transano

Naval Aviation Statistics World War II

Submarine Battle Flags of World War II.

Documents/Document Collections Relating to the U.S. Navy:

African Americans and the U.S. Navy

Berlin Airlift: Naval Aviation's Involvement in

Battle of Midway: 4-7 June 1942 Action Reports

Juneau, USS; Loss of 12-13 November 1942

Navy Policy Regarding Family Members Serving Together at Sea

Navy Regulations and Historic Documents

Port Chicago Naval Magazine Explosion , July 1944

PT-109 Loss, August 1943

Women in the U.S. Navy

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