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Memorial bricks at the U.S Navy Seabee Museum

The entrance to the Seabee Museum, referred to as the "Road to Victory" is paved with personalized bricks that commemorate the men and women who built the legacy of the Seabees and the CEC. If you are not able to visit Port Hueneme in person, you can find a brick and view a photo of it on-line.

illustration of banks of bricks

The bricks are installed in seven sectional bands which are designated Sections "A" through "G". Section "A" is located closest to the entrance. Each row in a section is numbered, starting at the top of the section (top is defined as being closest to the front door). Within each row, every brick is given an individual number. The brick numbers are consecutive and start at the far right-hand of each section when facing the front door.

Click here to find a specific brick using the searchable finding aid. The bricks are alphabetized by last name and by message. To find a specific brick, open the searchable finding aid and use the "find" function.

All of the bricks have been photographed and are available on Flckr. To find a photograph of your brick, first look up the section, row, and brick number in the finding aid.

Click here to find the brick by section and row number.

All of the bricks currently installed were purchased prior to January 2011. If you purchased a brick after January 2011, it will not be installed until the summer of 2012. There is still the opportunity to buy a brick. Please contact the CEC/Seabee Historical Foundation for more information.