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Approximately 80 volunteers assist with the day-to-day operation of the Naval Undersea Museum. Volunteer staff are an integral part of the museum, routinely serving as the main public contact for visitors. The main duty of the volunteers is to meet and greet visitors and provide general information on the museum. Volunteers also answer questions about the local area or point visitors in the right direction for questions regarding facility reservations or museum donations. In 2009, volunteers contributed over 5,800 hours.

Volunteers at the front desk ready  to greet the visitors

Volunteering at the Naval Undersea Museum is a great opportunity to learn about the U.S. Navy's undersea history and to meet people from all over the world. When you volunteer, you are not only providing an essential service to the museum's visitors, but you as a volunteer will receive several benefits.

You can:
Make a difference
Enrich your education
Explore career and personal interests
Earn great recommendations
Develop marketable job skills
Build your resume
Make new friends
Uncover hidden skills and talents
Increase your self-confidence
Have fun

A discount in the museum store
Access to behind-the-scenes tours
2 volunteer recognition events a year
Social gatherings
Certificate after completion of 100 volunteer hours
Invitations to exhibit openings
Tours to area military facilities and museums
Sonar Echo Monthly Newsletter

Picture:  Volunteer at display Picture:  Volunteer giving the Curator a helping hand
Picture: Volunteer standing by in the Exhibit Hall, ready to answer questions from visitors Picture:  Volunteer giving tour

For information about volunteer staff opportunities, please contact the museum's educator at (360) 396-5547.