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Naval Undersea Museum Field Trip Reservation Form

Thank you for your interest in the Naval Undersea Museum. To help us assist you in making your visit successful, please provide us with the information asked for below. Please use the name Naval Undersea Museum on any written material regarding your event.

  • Entry to the museum is free
  • Groups of ten or more, please provide two weeks advance notice of arrival
  • Facilities for lunch are very limited and ARE NOT GUARANTEED
  • One adult chaperone for every 5 students is required
  • Please review the "Museum Do's" handouts with children and chaperones before arrival
  • Shopping in the gift shop is available
Fields marked with a * are required.
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Your use of the museum is not confirmed until you submit/return this reservation form!

You can either print out this form, fill out the reservation form and fax to 360.396.7944 or submit it online. For more information please call 360.396.5547 or email to museumeducation@navalunderseamuseum.org.



PURPOSE: To allow individuals to file electronic field trip reservation and to help us assist those in making your visit successful.

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Information collected by this form is also used for trend analysis and may be shared with law enforcement personnel. Information submitted may be retained indefinitely.

Fraud, Waste and Abuse or Criminal Activity:

If your e-mail message relates to fraud, waste, and abuse; criminal activity, or terrorism; the HR Office, at its discretion, may forward this message to the appropriate officials.  Use of this form constitutes consent to this notice.