Can you meet these requirements?
Here are the requirements for enlisted women.
Check your qualifications against them.
Sample questions - swear allegiance

TERM OF ENLISTMENT--You will enlist for the duration of the war.  You will be discharged within six months after the war ends.

CITIZENSHIP--you must be a native-born American, or if you are not native-born, you or your parents must have naturalization papers.  You must show written proof of citizenship when you apply.

AGE--On the date of enlistment, you must be at least 20 years old and not have reached your 36th birthday.  If you are under 21, you must have the written consent of your parents or guardian.

MARRIAGE--A married woman may enlist in the WAVES, provided her husband is not in the Navy.  A married woman may enlist in the SPARS, provided her husband is not in the Coast Guard.  You may not marry during indoctrination and/or training, if you marry a man in the Navy (in the case of a WAVE) or a man in the Coast Guard (in the case of a SPAR), you must resign or be discharged.

DEPENDENTS--Women with children under 18 will not be accepted for enlistment in the WAVES or SPARS.

CHARACTER--The Navy and Coast Guard want women of good character.  When you enlist, you will be asked to furnish 3 references.

EDUCATION--You must have two years of high school or business school.

EXPERIENCE-- You will be asked to submit a record of your occupation since leaving school.

PHYSICAL- With your completed application blank you must submit a statement from your family doctor that you are in good health.  Later, before you are sworn in, you must pass a through physical examination by Navy doctors.

HEIGHT--You must be at least 5 feet.

WEIGHT--You must weigh at least 95 pounds, and your weight must be in proportion to your general body build.

EYES- Your vision must be not least than 6/20 in the worst eye, with binocular vision (two eyes) not less than 12/20.  Each eye must be correctable with glasses to 20/20.  Note:  12/20 vision means that you can read at 12 feet what perfect eyes can read at 20.

HEARING--You must be able to distinguish whispered words at 15 feet.

TEETH- Natural teeth must be in sound condition, or you must have satisfactory replacements.

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