$200 worth of clothes free!

It's a proud moment when you first step out in brand new Navy blues!  The trim uniform was especially designed by the famous stylist Mainbocher to flatter every figure and to make you look--and feel--your best!

When you arrive at training school as an enlisted WAVE or SPAR, you will be provided with an allowance of $200 for uniforms and other clothing.  The official uniform consists of "everything that shows," except shoes and gloves.  The cost--about $160--is paid from the $200 allowance.  The balance of about $40 is given to you for shoes, underclothing and anything else you may need.

The uniform for the WAVES and the SPARS is the same except for the label insignia and hat band.  It consists of the following articles:

  • Soft crowned hat, rolled brim, black band
  • Short, Navy blue jacket, slightly built-up shoulders, new rounded collar and pointed lapel.  Blue and white insignia for WAVES and gold for SPARS.
  • Flattering, six-gored skirt.
  • Reserve blue and dark blue shirts.
  • Black seaman's tie.
  • Smart, over-the-shoulder, leather pouch bag (Optional).
  • White gloves in summer, black in winter.
  • Beige lisle hose.
  • Black oxfords, heels not over 1 1/2 inches.

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Havelock for rainy days

  • Raincoat and havelock (rainhat), becoming protection for bad weather.