You'll step into an important shore job at full Navy pay

It's a real thrill when you first report for active duty.  You're in the Navy now.  Smartly uniformed, thoroughly trained, ready to take a man's place and do a man-size job.

Perhaps you take over a Yeoman's job as secretary to a Naval or Coast Guard Officer and release a man to serve on one of Uncle Sam's new battleships or in the coastal patrol.  Perhaps you get a radio position at one of the Navy's air bases, and an Aviation Radioman becomes free to fly--and fight-with the Naval air forces.

Whatever your job, you will carry the same responsibilities, exchange salutes and command the same respect as any other member of the uniformed forces.  You'll be doing a job--not as a man or as a woman--but as an American!

Where will you serve?

Like any member of the Navy, you will be assigned to duty where you are most needed--with the exception that you will not be asked to serve outside the continental Unites States.  Among the possibilities are Miami, San Diego, Norfolk, Washington, D.D., the Navy Yard at Boston, the air bases at Corpus Christi or Jacksonville or any other Naval or Coast Guard establishment where a well-trained woman can replace a man.

You will not select the base where you will be stationed, but your request for service in a particular place will be given consideration as long as it does not conflict with the needs of the Navy or Coast Guard.

How will you live?

Your living and eating quarters will depend upon the location at which you are stationed.  In some places it is possible that you will live in barracks especially built for the purpose.  In towns where there are a large number of WAVES or SPARS, they will probably be housed in groups.  At other places you may arrange for your own quarters.  In this case you will be given an extra allowance to pay for your food and rooms.


To every woman who wants a part in winning this war...

Never in history have American women been offered such a chance to serve their country.  Never has there been such an urgent need for their service.

This is total war--a war in which every woman as well as every man must play a part.  The men in the Navy and Coast Guard are in for one reason alone--to fight!  They're in to fly the planes, man the ships, smash the Nazis and Japs.

But to keep them fighting, there are important service jobs that must be carried on at home- man-size, full-time jobs which you, the women of America, can fill--jobs in which you can serve your country in your country and release the men to fight at sea.

This is what you--as a member of the WAVES or SPARS--can do to help win this war.  How you can do it is explained in detail in this book.  Read every word of it.  Then take a step you'll be proud of all your life--volunteer for the WAVES or SPARS today.

Frank Knox
Secretary of the Navy