First, you'll train at a leading college

After being sworn in and ordered to active duty as an enlisted WAVE or SPAR, you will go first--at government expense--to one of the training schools.  These are located at colleges in every part of the country.  Typical of these are Hunter College in New York City; Indiana University at Bloomington, Indiana; Oklahoma Agricultural and Mechanical College at Stillwater, Oklahoma; University of Wisconsin at Madison, Wisconsin; Iowa State Teachers College at Cedar Falls, Iowa; and Georgia State College for Women at Milledgeville, Georgia.  The school to which you are assigned depends upon the type of job for which you are being trained.

The training period averages four months.  The first month is devoted to general indoctrination.  During this time you'll get into the swing of real Navy life.  You'll learn Navy and Coast Guard traditions and regulations.  You'll learn the fundamentals of drilling.  You'll get up at reveille and go to bed at taps.  You'll speak Navy language.  You'll call the floor of your room "the deck."  The walls, "bulkheads."  The stairs, "ladders."  The windows, "ports."

After indoctrination, some will be assigned to active duty, while others will receive special training, the length of which will vary.  For instance, if you are an expert typist, you might qualify as a Yeoman as soon as you finish your indoctrination.  But if you are studying for a more technical job, you will take the full-time course.  And you might even be sent to a Navy trade school after that for further training by Navy experts.

You'll follow an interesting schedule

During your indoctrination training you'll live in the college dormitories.  Like a college student, you'll be expected to make your bed and take care of your room.  But you'll not have to do any "messing" - that is, no cooking, waiting table or washing dishes.  As in college, most of your time will be spent in your classes or in studying.  You'll also have a certain amount of marching and drilling, but you'll also have time for sports and recreation.  You'll get "week-ends" at the discretion of your Commanding Officer and you can have dates.  In other words, while you'll work hard and keep to a military schedule, you'll also live in pleasant surroundings with girls you'll be glad to call your friends. 

And then, when you've successfully finished your training, you're ready for the real thing--assignment to full-time duty at a Navy or Coast Guard base within the continental United States.


On duty in the radio control tower of one of the great Naval air bases.

On duty in the radio control tower of one of the great Naval air bases.  Helping to direct the take-off and landing of speedy fighters and huge 4-motored bombers, you're an integral part of Naval Aviation.  And this is only one of the exciting and important jobs you may held when you serve your country in the WAVES or the SPARS.