4. Three letters of recommendation from prominent citizens who know you.
5. Health statement from your family doctor.
6. Marriage certificate, if married.  Divorce papers, if divorced.

shirts for dress, blue for work.  Enlisted women wear reserve blue or dark blue shirts.

  1. If an Officer Candidate fails to complete her training period successfully, will she be transferred to the regular enlisted ranks or discharged?
  1. She may have her option.
  1. What is the pay scale for Officers?
  1. Ensign:  $150.00 base pay and allowances, amounting in all to about $216.00 a month.
     Lieutenant (Junior Grade):  $166.67 base pay and allowances, amounting in all to about $247.00 a month.
     Lieutenant (Senior Grade):  $200.00 base pay and allowances, amounting in all to about $296.00 a month.
  1. How much are Officers allowed for uniforms?
  1. $250.

  1. Can an enlisted woman ever work up to a commission?
  1. Yes.  Your application will be judged on demonstrated capacity and ability.
  1. Could I qualify for a commission with only two or three years of college work?
  1. Yes, provided you have had exceptional experience in administrative, executive or technical work.  But you must have had at least two years of college.
  1. What is the difference between the uniform of an enlisted woman and that of an Officer?
  1. Little difference--except for hat, shirt, gold buttons instead of blue, and officer stripes on sleeves.  Officers wear white

How to apply for the Waves or Spars

  1. First, go in person or write to the nearest Navy Recruiting Station (see pages 21-22-23-24) and ask for WAVES or SPAR application blanks.  Or, if more convenient, you may go or write to the nearest Office of Naval Officer Procurement listed on page 25.
  2. When you apply, be sure to give the following information :  (a) your age and date of birth; (b) your education; (c) your marital status--married, unmarried, widowed, divorced; (d) if you have any children, how many and the age of each; (e) if you are married, your husband's occupation.
  3. If you appear to qualify on the basis of the information you give, you will receive an official application blank and other necessary papers.  Fill in all the information requested about our qualifications, get your 3 character references and your family doctor's statement of your physical condition and return all papers to the office from which you secured them.
  4. If your application is accepted, you will be sent--with transportation paid--to the nearest Office of Naval Officer procurement for an interview, aptitude test and your Navy physical examination.  If you pass these successfully, you will be sworn in--ready to serve your country and release a man to fight at sea.  If you fail, transportation will be paid to your home.
Call or write for your application blank at

nearest office listed on the following pages:

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