Any questions about Waves or Spars?
You'll find the answers here

  1. As a WAVE or SPAR will I be expected to serve overseas?
  1. The law passed by Congress limits our service to the continental limits of the United States.
  1. What is the term of enlistment?
  1. For the duration of the war.  You will be discharged within six months after the war ends.
  1. After I have once joined, may I resign?
  1. A letter to your Commanding Officer, requesting discharge and stating your reason, will be forwarded for consideration.  But in wartime resignations are discouraged.
  1. If I am under 20 and my parents consent, can I enlist?
  1. No.  By law the minimum age is 20.
  1. If I should fail the aptitude test, can I take it again?
  1. No.
  1. If I have no special training, will I be eligible?
  1. Yes.  In addition to women with specialized training, the WAVES and SPARS definitely want women of high caliber but no special training.
  1. Am I on active duty as soon as I am sworn in?
  1. Not necessarily.  You may be told to report home on inactive duty to await further orders or be ordered to proceed to a training school immediately.
  1. When does my pay begin?
  1. The day you report to training school.
  1. Should I quit my old job as soon as I a sworn in?
  1. No.  Do not resign until you are ordered to training school.
  1. Must all WAVES and SPARS start as Apprentice Seamen?
  1. Yes.  But after successfully completing the indoctrination and training period,

you are automatically promoted to a higher rating.  From then on, your promotion depends on your ability and length of service.

  1. May I later change the type of work I am doing?
  1. Yes.   You may submit a request to your Commanding Officer to be forwarded for consideration.
  1. Do I pay my own way to training school?
  1. No.  Your transportation is paid by the Navy.
  1. How long will my training period be?
  1. The training period will average four months.
  1. Can an enlisted woman request training in a particular field--for instance, radio--even if she has had no previous training in that field?
  1. Yes.  But it cannot be guaranteed that the request will be granted.
  1. When do I get my uniform?
  1. After you arrive at training school.  However, you should bring enough civilian clothing for a week or two.
  1. What will my hours be at training school?
  1. The hours will depend on the school you attend.  However, they will be on a military basis.  Reveille, taps, etc.
  1. Will I learn military drill?
  1. Yes.
  1. Will there be organized exercise?
  1. Yes.  There will be a physical director at each school, and the athletic program will be keyed to the type of work you will do.
  1. Will there be religious services?
  1. Yes.  Each training school will make appropriate arrangements.

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