training period of seven weeks, at the successful completion of which they will be commissioned Officers in appropriate rank and assigned to active duty ashore.

All candidates for commissions in the WAVES  and SPARS will receive their preliminary training at Smith College, Northampton, Mass., or  at Mount Holyoke College, South Hadley, Mass.

Requirements for Officers

Candidates for commissions in the WAVES and SPARS must meet the same requirements as enlisted women except in 3 respects.

AGE--At date of enlistment, 20 to 49 inclusive.

EDUCATION--College degree or two years of college work plus at least two years of acceptable business or professional experience.  Also two years of mathematics in high school or college for the WAVES.

PHYSICAL--Same as for enlisted women with these two exceptions:

  1. Eyes:  Minimum vision in each eye 12/20, corrected to 20/20.
  2. Teeth:  Minimum of 18 sound teeth, with at least 2 molars opposing on each side and 4 opposing front teeth.

For an application blank for a commission in the WAVES or SPARS, write to the nearest Navy Recruiting Station or Office of Naval Officer Procurement listed on the last pages of this booklet.  Or if there is an office close by, you may call in person.  With your request enclose the following information: (1) age and date of birth; (2) education; (3) marital status; (4) the number and ages of your children; (5) husband's occupation.

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