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Many are the hearts that are weary tonight,
Wishing for the war to cease;
Many are the hearts that are looking for the right,
To see the dawn of peace.
Tenting tonight, tenting tonight,
Tenting on the old camp ground.

We've been tenting tonight on the old camp ground,
Thinking of days gone by,
Of the loved ones at home that gave us the hand,
And the tear that said "Good-bye !"

La Marseillaise
(A Flat)
Arise, ye-children of the nation,
The day of glory now is here!
See the hosts of dark oppression
Their blood-stained banners rear,
Their blood-stained banners rear!
Do you not heed? roaring the tyrants go,
Scattering homes and peace;
Our sons, our comrades face the foe,
The wounds of war increase.
To arms! ye warriors all!
Your bold battalions call!
March on, ye free!
Death shall be ours
Or glorious liberty!

The Spanish Cavalier
A Spanish cavalier stood in his retreat,
And on his guitar played a tune, dear,
The music so sweet, they'd oft-times repeat,
The blessing of my country and you, dear.

Say, darling, say, when I'm far away,
Sometimes you may think of me, dear,
Bright sunny days will soon fade away,
Remember what I say, and be true, dear.

And I'm off to the war, to the war I must go,
To fight for my country and you, dear,
But if I should fall, in vain I would call,
The blessing of my country and you, dear.

And when the war is o'er, to you I'll return,
Back to my country and you, dear,

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