This booklet was published during the First World War  (circa 1918).  It is provided here for research purposes only.  All song have been copied as originally printed in this booklet.

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THIS BOOK is published by the Navy Y. M. C. A. at Great Lakes, Ill., under the direction of the National War Work Council of the Young Men's Christian Associations of the United States. It will be sold to Navy men at a price calculated to cover the actual cost of printing and distribution.

1.  The Star Spangled Banner
2.  America
3.  Battle Cry of Freedom
4.  Tramp! Tramp! Tramp!
5.  Columbia the Gem of the Ocean
6.  Battle Hymn of the Republic
7.  Roamin' in the Gloamin'
8.  Tenting on the Old Camp Ground
9.  La Marseillaise
10. The Spanish Cavalier
11. The Sunshine of Your Smile
12. Yield Not to Temptation
13. Onward Christian Soldiers
14. The Son of God Goes Forth to War
15. Pull for the Shore
16. Brighten the Corner Where You Are
17. Abide with Me
18. Stand Up for Jesus
19. Let the Lower Lights Be Burning
20. Lead Kindly Light
21. Throw Out the Life Line
22. Perfect Day
23. Jesus, Saviour, Pilot Me
24. Nancy Lee
25. Pull  Away
26. Rocked in the Cradle of the Deep
27. Sailing
28. Out on the Deep
29. Good Old Melodies

30. John Brown's Body Lies Mouldering in the Grave
31. Auld Lang Syne
32. Annie Laurie
33. Love's Old, Sweet Song
34. Stars of the Summer Night
35. Juanita
36. Dixie Land
37. The Old Oaken Bucket
38. I've Been Working in the Navy
39. Bring Back My Bonnie to Me
40. Drink to Me Only With Thine Eyes
41. Massa's in the Cold, Cold Ground
42. The Soldier's Farewell
43. Home, Sweet Home
44. We'll Never Let Our Old Flag Fall
45. Over There
46. I Wonder How the Old Folks are at Home
47. Joan of Arc
48. All the World Will Be Jealous of Me
49. Good-bye Broadway, Hello France
50. America, Here's My Boy
51. There's a Long, Long Trail
52. I Want to Go Back to Michigan
53. Yaaka Hula
54. Farewell
55. I May Be Gone for a Long, Long Time
56. Indiana
57. Good Morning, Mr. Zip! Zip! Zip!