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from naval air stations at all times.

There is another side of sea duty for Navymen that provides an interesting duty assignment, that with special research projects such as the widely known Operation Deep Freeze in Antarctica, the research in the Arctic regions, and such scientific projects as studies of the ocean depths being carried out in various parts of the world.

Whether the Navyman serves on board the nuclear-powered attack aircraft carrier Enterprise or a fleet oil tanker, he is doing an important job. The most powerful warship afloat becomes a mere hulk without fuel, ammunition and food for its crew. The Navymen who supply the warships with these vital supplies are an essential part of the great Navy team.

In a great many cases, a Navyman's tour of shore duty will include attendance at a Navy technical school. As he demonstrates his capability in his rating through shipboard service, thus proving that he. is ready for greater responsibilities, he may be sent to a high level school in his rating field. The Navymen selected for training in the nuclear propulsion field, or the Polaris missile field, are those who prove themselves through outstanding duty performance.

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