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The Navyman serving with the fleet, and the Waves serving at a naval station in a foreign country, share in one of the most enjoyable rewards of Navy life--travel.

Moving from port to port, the shipborne Navyman travels extensively. He knows the beaches of Hawaii, the lush greenery of a tropic isle, the beautiful Bay of Naples as well as he knows San Diego, Norfolk, Brooklyn, or Bremerton.

Travel is an important influence in education and character development. As Navy personnel meet people in strange lands, they gain a new insight into life. They find the "stranger" is striving generally for the same goals they are, and must overcome much the same difficulties. In the end, they recognize that people the world over are really more alike than they are different.

Education-by-travel begins when the Navyman or Wave recruit leaves home for "boot camp." The Wave may travel through several states before she arrives at Bainbridge, Maryland, just as the Navyman does to reach Great Lakes, Illinois, or San Diego, California. They find very little difference between cities, towns and villages they have never seen before and their own familiar home areas.

At boot camp they meet recruits from different sections of the country. They soon discover that these new Navy members have the same hopes, and the same problems they have. Before the first week is up, they realize that despite the few hundreds of miles distance between their homes, these new acquaintances are just as American as they, and have much to offer in exchange for what they can contribute. Many firm friendships are formed during this period.

When the Navyman finishes recruit training and departs for his first duty assignment, he

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