Printed at no cost to the U. S. Government at the Naval Reserve Midshipmen's School (WR), Northampton, Mass., Capt. Herbert W. Underwood, U.S.N. (Ret.), Commanding Officer. This booklet is sold for ten cents a copy and can be obtained by writing the Chaplain, Lt. Robert G. Andrus, ChC, U.S.N.R., at the School.

This is the first revised edition of "Marching to Victory". Some of the lyrics that first appeared in this little booklet have been omitted as it has become obvious that their meaning was limited to the "First Midshipmen (WR) ", and as it appears that this collection can be of use in other training centers of the Women's Reserve and in stations where Waves are on duty.

February 15, 1943.


Singing people are essentially happy people. And so the WAVES have a song for everything. When something good happens, when something not so pleasant comes along, when swinging up from drill on a glowing autumn day, when struggling on the icy hills to class on a bitter Saturday morning, when sitting waiting, just waiting, standing in a line, somewhere in the ranks a song starts and grows and swells in volume until all are singing.

Some of the songs we have printed here--others after their moment have died away. And so we dedicate this booklet to those who will "carry on" with the hope that they will have a feeling of "togetherness" with us and with those who come after as they raise their voices in song.

The First Midshipmen (WR)
January 8, 1943