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     Many people have gained the impression that officers in the Navy grossly mistreat the men. This is a ridiculous notion, as any officer who strikes, or attempts to strike, a man, even in an aggravated case, or any man who would do likewise to an officer, is not only liable to dismissal, but may be punished by imprisonment. Instead of harshly treating the men, the officers in the United States Navy exert themselves to treat the men kindly and help them to advanced positions.


     The public, who are unfamiliar with discipline in the Navy, believe that it is so rigorous as to be unendurable.  This is not so.  If a man conducts himself on board ship as well as he must conduct himself on shore, he will not realize there is any such thing as discipline on board a man-of-war.


     Each commanding officer is required by law to hold Divine service each Sunday morning on board his ship, whenever the weather and other circumstances will permit, and every officer and seaman is urged to attend the worship of Almighty God.  Unbecoming conduct during devotions is punishable in such a manner as a summary or general court-martial may direct.

     On many ships and at shore stations the Navy Y.M.C.A. is strong and holds its regular evening meetings.  Men are also allowed to go on shore on Sundays, when the ship is in port and circumstances permit, to attend the church of their own denomination.


     Whenever the ship is in port whether at home or abroad, and it is practicable for men to be away, furloughs are granted to visit home or distant inland points.

     The Navy department is liberal about furloughs.  Deserving men can usually get all the "leave" they want.  Their furloughs are calculated so as to give the bluejacket 10 days or more at home, or at the pint he wishes to visit, the travel time required in going and returning being added to the ten days.  The men are required to pay their own expenses while traveling on leave.

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Bluejackets Visiting Pyramids, Egypt