Landing Party--Cutter on Beach

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The fire-room force on board a man-of-war consists of chief water tenders, at $55 and $77 a month; water tenders, $44; oilers, $40.70; firemen, first-class, $38.50; firemen, second-class, $33; and coal passers, $24.20. After serving one enlistment (4 years) in any of these capacities a man may take a course at the Machinists' School, in Norfolk, as previously stated, and, if he graduates, may enter the machinists' branch, and is eligible to the promotion of a machinist's mate as explained in the previous chapter.


If a man has had a fair clerical education and has some knowledge of typewriting, he can enlist for third-class yeoman (meaning the clerical force of the Navy), at $33 a month, and if in addition he is a fair stenographer he can enlist for yeoman second-class, at $38.50.  No matter what his experience, however, he must spend some time at the Yeoman School in order to fit himself for the peculiar clerical duties on board ship. If found proficient he is in line for promotion to first-class yeoman, at $44, and then chief yeoman, at $66 and $77. While there is no advancement beyond chief yeoman in this branch of the service, men of the yeoman branch are frequently appointed paymasters' clerks, positions paying from $1,500 to $2,400 (which includes allowances). Recruits enter this branch as landsmen and receive their appointment as yeomen after completing the course in the school.


The pay of musicians in the Navy ranges from $57.20 and $77 per month for bandmaster, $39.60 for first musician, $35.20 for first-class musician, to $33 for second-class musician. Men can enlist in the two lower ratings.

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