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     Men completing the course at Newport are given an acting appointment as Gunner's mate 3rd or 2nd class, according to proficiency. Petty Officers of other branches of the Service, who are sent to the Class at Washington need not give up their appointments, but may leave the Class upon graduating as a Boatswain's Mate, Electrician, Quartermaster, etc.

     When he completes the course he should he a fine type of the young man-o'-warsman, full of ambition, ready to apply his knowledge, and capable of looking after the guns of any ship in the service. With the certificate of graduation there comes a new confidence in himself and a pride in the profession he has chosen. The course is intended to fit him to become, in course of time, as he shows himself apt and willing, a Chief Petty Officer.


     This school offers to the men of the engine-room force the same facilities for fitting themselves for advancement and promotion to Petty Officers, and later to warrant rank, that the Seaman-Gunner's School offers to men of the seaman branch.

     Men in the ratings of water-tender, oiler and fireman first class, are entitled upon their re-enlistment to be sent to this school at the Norfolk Navy Yard. The course consists of a thorough training in the duties of a machinist, both on shore and on board ship.


     We have told you the life and duties at the training stations. Now we will describe the sailor's daily life on board ship, in order that you may know exactly what work he does and judge as to its character.

     Reveille bugle call is at 5.30 A. M., when all hands are required to turn out promptly, excepting men who have been on watch during the night. There is no taking a few extra naps, as the decks must be cleared of hammocks in fifteen minutes. Then follows early coffee or cocoa, with bread or hardtack, if wanted, and smoking for half an hour. Then follows the washing of clothes, each man being required to wash his own clothes.

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