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Manila Bay Medal recipients, USS Concord

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[NOTE: The following history is from the Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships. The photo (NHC No. H71781) is from the center's Photographic Section.]

(Displacement 1,710 tons; length 244'6"; beam 36'; draft 14'; speed 14 knots; complement 187; armament 3-6", 1-4")

The second Concord (PG-3) was launched 8 March 1890 by N. F. Palmer, Jr., and Co., Chester, Pa., sponsored by Miss M. D. Coates; and commissioned 14 February 1891, Commander O.A. Batcheller in command.

Concord operated on the New England coast, and sailed from New York 17 November 1891 on a cruise to the West Indies and South America with her squadron, then arrived at New Orleans 27 April 1892 and cruised up the Mississippi River as far as Cairo, Ill., visiting various ports en route.

Returning to New York 18 June 1892, Concord made another cruise to the West Indies late that year, and arrived back at Norfolk 6 December. She participated in International Naval Reviews held at Norfolk and New York in March and April 1893, and in June sailed frum Norfolk for the Far East, calling at the Azores, Gibraltar, Malta, Port Said, Bangkok, and Saigon before arriving at Hong Kong 30 October. She cruised on the Asiatic Station showing the flag and protecting American interests until 29 May 1894 when she arrived at Unalaska. She cruised in the North Pacific to carry out the provisions of the treaty between the United States and Great Britain, which empowered her to seize all vessels violating the laws protecting valuable fur seals. She gathered hydrographic information to correct Bering Sea charts and conduct scientific observations of the fur seals.

Concord returned to the Asiatic Station in September 1894 and continued to serve in the Far East until returning to San Francisco 3 May 1896. She was placed out of commission for repairs between 27 May 1898 and 22 May 1897. After a cruise to Alaskan waters (1 July29 November), she sailed from Mare Island 8 January 1898 for the Asiatic Station. With the declaration of war between Spain and the United States in April, Concord joined Admiral Dewey's squadron at Mirs Bay near Hong Kong on the 24th and sailed for the Philippines. On 1 May the squadron entered Manila Bay and won the resounding victory that resulted in American control of the Philippines and renewed interests and responsibilities in the Far East.

Concord resumed her patrol on station in August 1898, but returned to the Philippines 19 December to assist in putting down the insurrection. Her duty consisted of patrolling the coast to restrict insurgent movements and shipping, bombarding various guerrilla strongholds; and aiding Army operations. Except for a voyage to Guam in March 1900 to deliver stores, and a brief voyage to Hong Kong for repairs, Concord remained in Philippine waters until June 1901, when she sailed by way of Alaskan waters to San Francisco, arriving 28 September 1901. She cruised with the Fleet in Mexican waters, then went out of commission 26 February 1902 at Mare Ialand.

Recommissioned 16 June 1903 Concord operated along the North American coast from Alaska to Panama and to Hawaii and Alaska until decommissioned at Bremerton 26 Aurust 1904. Concord was recommissioned again 16 September 1906, sailed from Bremerton 24 December 1906, operated in the Philippines until March 1906, then sailed to China. Until 1908 she remained in the Far East serving at timea on the Yangtze Patrol and as station ahip at Shanghai and Canton.

Concord served as station ship at Guam from 2 January to 10 September 1909, then sailed to Puget Sound Navy Yard arriving 11 October, decommissioning 4 November 1909, and assigned as barracks ship for the Naval Militia of Washington at Seattle. She was transferred to the Treasury Department 16 June 1914 and served as quarantine station vessel for the Coast Guard at Astoria, Oreg. Returned to naval custody 19 March 1929, she was sold 28 June 1929.

Officers Of The Concord
Asa Walker, Commander
George P. Colvocoresses, Lieutenant Commander
Thomas B. Howard, Lieutenant
Patrick W. Hourigan, Lieutenant
Charles M. McCormick, Lieutenant (J.G.)
Louis A. Kaiser, Ensign
William C. Davidson, Ensign
Orlo S. Knepper, Ensign
Richard G. Broderick, Passed Assistant Surgeon
Eugene D. Ryan, Passed Assistant Paymaster
George B. Ransom, Chief Engineer
Horace W. Jones, Passed Assistant Engineer
Frederick K. Hunt, Pay Clerk

 Crew Of The Concord

Alm, Edving Alfred, Quartermaster, Third Class
Anderson, Carl, Boatswain's Mate, First Class
Anderson, Charles, Quartermaster, Second Class
Anderson, John, Seaman
Anderson, Leon, Seaman
Anderson, Lorentz Andreas, Seaman
Andrews, Robert Thomas, Apprentice, Second Class
Attridge, Joseph Francis, Landsman
Aulmann, George Lawrence, Chief Yeoman
Babcock, Howard Harry, Coal Passer
Baker, George William, Landsman
Berger, August George, Apprentice, Second Class
Bethge, Charles Ludwig, Seaman
Bottoncourt, Frank, Landsman
Britton, Joseph, Quartermaster, First Class
Brotherton, John P., Oiler
Brown, Frederick William, Gunner's Mate, Third Class
Bush, Charlie, Landsman
Bush, Frank, Landsman
Chow, Ah, Mess Attendant
Chung, Ah, Mess Attendant
Clark, Harry John, Yeoman, Second Class
Clydesdale, Frederick R., Ordinary Seaman
Coan, Anthony, Apprentice, Second Class
Corvantes, Lewis Ignacio, Apprentice, Second Class
Grouse, William A., Water Tender
Crowley, Edward, Shipwright
Dame, George Horace, Chief Machinist
Davis, William, Fireman, First Class
Dees, Louis Charles, Coal Passer
Desmond, Harry, Machinist, First Class
Devine, Augustine D., Machinist, First Class
Dewson, Edwin Walker, Apprentice, Second Class
Dickerson, Charles Oliver, Landsman
Dickey, Glen Deane, Yeoman, Third Class
Dixon, William Carter, Gunner's Mate, Second Class
Dundas, Henry Gratton, Coxswain
Ehle, John Walter, Fireman, First Class
Erwin, Burt Adams, Ordinary Seaman
Evans, Ernest, Chief Machinist
Folson. Edward, Oiler
Fong, Yee, Wardroom Cook
Frazer, George, Landsman
Fuller, George Lewis, Boatswain's Mate, Second Class
Gable, Arthur, Coal Passer
Gallagher, John, Chief Master-At-Arms
Gallagher, Thomas B., Machinist, Second Class
Gignac, Archibald Jerome, Apprentice, Second Chss
Goldman, Max, Apprentice, Second Class
Grable, James Floyd, Gunner's Mate, Third Class
Green, William, Coal Passer
Griggs, Joseph Henry, Bayman
Haffke, Charles, Coal Passer
Harmon, Frank Maybury, Apprentice, Second Class
Harmon, Peter Austin, Landsman
Hartman, John George, Ordinary Seaman
Harvey, George John, Apprentice, First Class
Healey, Patrick, Fireman, Second Class
Hee, Ah, Mess Attendant
Henk, Charles William, Ordinary Seaman
Hermanson, Emil Sven, Fireman, Second Class
Hickox, George Lawman, Fireman, Second Class
Hill, Patrick, Chief Gunner's Mate
Hind, William Richard, Ordinary Seaman
Hull, James Lott, Fireman, First Class
Ikeda, Tomihiro, Cabin Steward
James, John, Seaman
Johnson, Andrew, Seaman
Jones, Frank Bartlett, Master-At-Arms, Third Class
Jorgensen, Peter C., Chief Quartermaster
Joseph, William, Coal Passer
Kabatchnick, Samuel, Fireman, Second Class
Kato, Unosuki, Landsman
Kenny, Thomas Joseph, Gunner's Mate, First Class
Kerston, George Toney, Ordinary Seaman
King, John, Gunner's Mate, Second Class
Kline, Mahlon Albert, Plumber And Fitter
Kugat, Paul, Seaman
Lagerholm, Frithiof, Coxswain
Lambert, Edward, Boilermaker
Langa, Jesse Jackson, Chief Yeoman
Lassig, Charles Edward, Apprentice, Second Class
Lawrence, Harry, Apprentice, Second Class
Leahy, Henry, Ordinary Seaman
Lem, Yee, Mess Attendant
Lerch, George Henry, Carpenter's Mate, Third Class
Leslie, James Frederick, Machinist, Second Class
Ling, Ah, Mess Attendant
Londerman, John, Chief Boatswain's Mate
Mahoney, Patrick, Gunner's Mate, First Class
Martin, Joseph, Fireman, First Class
Martinmann, Fred, Seaman
Maruyama, Yasu, Mess Attendant
Meade, Earl, Coal Passer
Melody, Hugh Joseph, Oiler
Mengi, Peter, Seaman
Metcalf, George Robert, Machinist, First Class
Miles, William Edward, Painter
Miller, Henry, Coal Passer
Minnick, Wallace Willard, Ordinary Seaman
Moorehead, Thomas, Coal Passer
Muller, Frederick James, Sailmaker's Mate
Murphy, James Joseph, Fireman, Second Class
McCarthy, Corneils, Water Tender
McCartney, William James, Coxswain
McGuire, Daniel, Oiler
McPherson, Ewen Malcolm, Fireman, Second Class
Nelson, Daniel William, Ordinary Seaman
Nelson, Joseph, Bugler
Nikkelsen, Nikkel, Ordinary Seaman
O'Keefe, Thomas, Apprentice, Second Class
Olmstead, Henry Hall, Fireman, Second Class
Olsson, Emil Hjalmar, Seaman
One, Ah, Wardroom Steward
Osborne, Guy Raymond, Landsman
Parrish, Samuel, Gunner's Mate, Third Class
Peterson, Otto Albin, Seaman
Pfaff, Edward, Apprentice, Second Class
Phillips, Alexander Thomas, Boatswain's Mate, Second Class
Plumber, John Alexander, Boatswain's Mate, Second Class
Pollex, Max, Coxswain
Powers, William David, Fireman, First Class
Price, John Larkins, Ordinary Seaman
Props, William Edward, Oiler
Ramsperger, Frederick, Chief Carpenter's Mate
Rodney, John, Fireman, First Class
Ross, David Francis, Ordinary Seaman
Rost, Richard, Ordinary Seaman
Row, Albert George, Ordinary Seaman
Rowland, Charles E., Blacksmith
Saxton, William Eugene, Apothecary
Schlicht, John, Water Tender
Sefbom, Carl Frithiof, Seaman
Sheehan, William Bernard, Coxswain
Shute, Frank Edward, Chief Yeoman
Sibley, John Thompson, Coal Passer
Silva, Manuel, Ship's Cook, First Class
Smith, Robert Xavier, Fireman, Second Class
Smith, Thomas, Coal Passer
Speaker, Albert, Apprentice, Second Class
Stroble, Robert, Coal Passer
Summ, Herman, Gunner's Mate, Third Class
Suzuki, Toyotaro, Cabin Cook
Turner, Louis, Fireman, First Class
Wagelie, Gunval Andrius, Seaman
Welsh, John Henry, Blacksmith
Westermark, Axel, Seaman
White, Edward Thomas, Seaman
Whiteley, John Henry, Ordinary Seaman
Whitney, Albert, Coal Passer
Wiggles, Edward Manford, Coxswain
Williams, Owen John, Apprentice, Second Class
Wilson, Edward, Gunner's Mate, Second Class
Wilson, Henry Ward Beecher, Coal Passer
Wiseman, Herbert John, Chief Machinist
Young, Louis Lusin, Ordinary Seaman

Marine Guard Of The Concord
Bonhert, Charles, First Sergeant
Dahlgreen, John O., Corporal
Bauer, Charlie, Private
Catlin, Lucius H., Private
Day, John E., Private
Elkin, Eugene, Private
Grey, John, Private
Howard, Luther, Private
Landrum, Floyd L., Private
Miller, Alexander, Private
McGuire, Peter, Private
Murphy, Stephen, Private
Orndoff, Harry W., Private
Peterson, George C., Private
Robinson, Willis, Private
Sugar, Sydney D., Private
Sainsbury, Joseph, Private
Young, Frank A., Private

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