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Manila Bay Medal recipients, USS Olympia

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[NOTE: The following history is from the Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships. The photo (NHC No. H93400) is from the center's Photographic Section.]

(Displacement: 5,586 tons, length: 344'1"; beam: 53', draft 21'6", speed: 20 knots, complement: 411; armament: 4-8", 10-5", 4 6-pounders, 6 1-pounders, 6 18'; torpedo tubes; class: Olympia)

Olympia (C-6) was laid down 17 June 1891 by Union Iron Works, San Francisco, Calif., Launched 5 November 1892 sponsored by Miss Ann B. Diekie; and commissioned 5 February 1895, Captain John J. Read in command.

Olympia departed Mare Island 25 August 1895 to join the Asiatic Fleet as flagship. For three years she cruised the Far East, visiting Japan, China, and the Philippines. With Captain Charles V. Gridley in command, she flew the flag of Commodore George Dewey from 3 January 1898. That winter she lay at Hong Kong with the fleet, awaiting orders should war with Spain break out. On 25 April, the day the war was deelared, the squadron moved to Mirs Bay, China. Two days later came the message which led to Dewey's immortal victory at Manila Bay.

Ships darkened, the fleet safely passed the harbor defenses, and engaged the enemy off Manila at daybreak 1 May. Dewey remembered, "At 5:40 when we were within a distance of 5,000 yards, I turned to Captain Gridley and said, You may fire when you are ready, Gridley'.... The very first gun to speak was an 8 inch ... of the Olympia ...." By noon Spain's Asian fleet had been destroyed with Olympia playing the leading role. The battle was pivotal in the history of the Far East, and thus of the world.

Olympia took part in the blockade and capture of the city of Manila and covered the Army in repelling insurgent attacks until she returned to the China coast 20 May 1899. Next month she was underway for Suez, the Mediterranean, and Boston, which she reached 10 October. She decommissioned there 5 November 1899.

Recommissioning in January 1902, Olympia joined the North Atlantic Squadron, serving first as flagship for the Caribbean Division. In the next four years, she roved the Caribbean, Atlantic, and Mediterranean, protecting American citizens and interests from danger in the political strife and turmoil troubling this period. She was off Panama (December 1903-March 1904), Tangiers (June 1904), Smyrna, Turkey (August 1904), and Santo Domingo (May-December 1905), on the alert for any threat.

For six years, beginning 2 April 1906, Olympia was out of commission first at Norfolk, then at Annapolis, recommissioning three summers for midshipmen training cruises (15 May26 August 1907 l June-1 September 1908, 14 May-28 August 1909). She arrived Charleston, S. C. 6 March 1912, to serve as barracks ship for the reserve torpedo group.

As war came closer to the United States, Olympia recommissioned in late 1916 and became flagship, Patrol Force Atlantic Fleet, 13 April 1917. She patrolled off Nova Seotia and escorted convoys before departing Charleston 28 April 1918 for Murmansk, Russia. There on 24 May 1918, she joined an allied force during the crisis brought on by Russia's revolution and her peace treaty with Germany. Olympia landed sailors to garrison Murmansk, and contributed others to the Allied expedition on Archangel.

At war's end she sailed for Portsmouth, England, and then the Mediterranean. She cruised principally in the Adriatic from 21 January 1919 to 25 October, policing the Dalmation coast which was wracked with turmoil in the wake of the collapse of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. On 18 August she sailed for the Black Sea to aid refugees before returning to the Adriatie 19 September. On 23 September, she sent a landing party ashore at Trau to prevent a clash between Yugoslavs and Italians.

Returning to Charleston 24 November 1919, Olympia prepared for further Adriatic duty, departing New York 14 February 1920. Home again at Philadelphia 25 May 1921 she became flagship of the Train, Atlantic Fleet, the next month. She took part that July in the Army-Navy experiments which sank ex-German warships Frankfurt and Ostfriesland off the Virginia Capes.

On 3 October 1921 Olympia departed Philadelphia for LeHavre to bring the remains of the Unknown Soldier home for interment in Arlington National Cemetery. The cruiser sailed for home 25 October 1921, escorted by a group of French destroyers for the first leg of the passage. At the mouth of the Potomac on 9 November North Dakota (BB-29) and Bernadou (DD-163) joined her as she stood up to the Washington Navy Yard. There with full and somber military honors, the body was piped over the side, Olympia firing a last salute.

After training midshipmen in the summer of 1922, Olympia decommissioned at Philadelphia 9 December 1922. She was Reclassified IX-40 on 30 June 1931. The Navy's oldest steel ship still afloat is perserved as a shrine at Philadelphia by the Cruiser Olympia Association, to which title was transferred 11 September 1957.


Commander and staff, U.S. Asiatic Station

Commodore George Dewey, Commander-in-chief

Personal Staff
Commander Benjamin P. Lamberton, Chief of Staff
Lieutenant Thomas M. Brumby, Flag Lieutenant
Ensign Harry H. Caldwell, Flag Secretary
Ensign William P. Scott, Aide
J. L. Stickney, Acting Aide, Special Correspondent N. Y. Herald


Charles V. Gridley, Captain
Corwin P. Rees, Lieutenant
Carlos G. Calkins, Lieutenant
Valentine S. Nelson, Lieutenant
Stokely Morgan, Lieutanant
Samuel M. Strite Lieutenant J. G.
Montgomery M. Taylor, Ensign
Frank B. Upham, Ensign
Arthur G. Kavanaugh, Ensign
Henry B. Butler, Jr., Ensign
Abel F. Price, (Surgeon of the Fleet) Medical Inspector
John E. Page, Passed Assistant Surgeon
Charles P. Kindleberger, Assistant Surgeon
Daniel A. Smith, (Paymaster of the Fleet) Pay Inspector
James Entwistle, (Engineer of the Fleet) Chief Engineer
Gustav Kaemmerling, Passed Assistant Engineer
Edwin H. DeLany, Assistant Engineer
John F. Marshall, Jr., Assistant Engineer
Edward H. Dunn, Assistant Engineer
John B. Frazier, Chaplain
William P. Biddle, Captain, USMC, (Marine Officer of the Fleet)
Leonard J. G. Kuhlwein, Gunner
William M. Long, Pay Clerk
William J. Rightmire, (Fleet) Pay Clerk


Alliez, Fred, Fireman, Second Class
Amadon, Charles, Sailmaker's Mate
Anderson, Andrew, Seaman
Anderson, Emil, Ordinary Seaman
Anderson, Gustaf, Fireman, Second Class
Anderson, John Bruce, Seaman
Anderson, Peter, Seaman
Anderson, William, Coal Passer
Andrews, Charles David, Landsman
Arnheim, Max Paul, Musician, First Class
Atkinson, John William, Fireman, Second Class
Aumann, William, Apprentice, Second Class
Austin, John, Seaman
Baer, Albert, Ordinary Seaman
Baker, George, Fireman, First Class
Baldwin, Patrick, Gunner's Mate, Third Class
Barlow, Henry, Coxswain
Barnes, Edward, Coal Passer
Barry, Edmund George, Coal Passer
Bartley, William, Blacksmith
Bates, William Edwin, Chief Machinist
Bates, William L., Apprentice, First Clas&
Bauman, William, Gunner's Mate, Third Class
Baxter, William Thomas, Yeoman, Third Class
Bay, Charles C., Coxswain
Behrsing, Andreas, Coal Passer
Bendix, August, Musician, Second Class
Bernard, Walter Eugene, Ordinary Seaman
Bertoni, Vito, First Musician
Bird, William Douglass, Ordinary Seaman
Blake, Maurice E., Apprentice, First Class
Blanchard, Charles, Apprentice, First Class
Blixt, Andrew, Oiler
Blomberg, Robert, Seaman
Bowers, John, Coxswain
Brill, Arthur Thadeus, Apprentice, First Class
Bristol, Thomas Joy, Ordinary Seaman
Bruce, John, Water Tender
Burke, Michael James, Gunner's Mate, Third Class
Burns, Andrew Aloysius, Apprentice, First Class
Byrnes, Alexander C., Ordinary Seaman
Caldwell, Benjamin, Seaman
Callahan, Arthur A., Apprentice, First Class
Callin, David, Landsman
Carey, Michael John, Fireman, Second Class
Carr, Michael, Landsman
Carroll, Harry, Ordinary Seaman
Cavanaugh, Charles Edward, Landsman
Chalmers, William Templeton, Landsrnan
Channell, Charles A., Landsman
Chau, Ah, Mess Attendant
Child, Clinton Eugene, Seaman
Chino, Poo, Mess Attendant
Chow, Ah, Mess Attendant
Christensen, Martin C., Seaman
Christianson, Albert, Seaman
Church, Ernest, Apprentice, First Class
Clase, Charles August, Ordinary Seaman
Clifford, Robert James, Coal Passer
Colthurst, John E., Yeoman, Third Class
Colvey, John, Fireman, Second Class
Conley, William Joseph, Seaman
Connors, Michael J., Fireman, Second Class
Convers, Frederick Henry, Fireman, First Class
Cooney, Patrick Joseph, Coppersmith
Copassaki, Andrew, Seaman
Cotten, Roger C., Ordinary Seaman
Coyle, Thomas Daniel, Boilermaker
Creagh, Merrick Woodman, Chief Yeoman
Crown, Clarence Edgar, Apprentice, First Class
Cummings, Frank W., Fireman, First Class
Curtis, Frank Charles, Coal Passer
Curtun, Louis Henry, Fireman, First Class
Cushing, Fred Miller, Coal Passer
Dalton, James Joseph, Fireman, First Class
Davidson, Adolph, Musician, Second Class
Dempsey, Thomas, Oiler
De Villis, Joseph Clinton, Apprentice, First Class
Di Benedetto, Paolo, Musician, First Class
Di Giorgio, Joseph, Musician, First Class
Dillon, James, Water Tender
Ding, Ta Zee, Cook to Commander-In-Chief
Dougherty Patrick, Oiler
Ducklin, John, Carpenter's Mate, Second Class
Dunne, Edward, Apprentice, First Class
Dunnean, John, Coal Passer
Dunphey, Willard, Landsman
Dutreaux, Charles Jean, Bayman
Eckstrom, John Leonard, Chief Master-At-Arms
Edmunds, Harry, Coal Passer
Eletson, William Walker, Oiler
Ellison, William, Fireman, First Class
Ericksen, John, Seaman
Evans, John, Gunner's Mate, First Class
Evans, John William, Shipwright
Ewers, Edward Albert, Coal Passer
Fagerlund, Gustaf Aroid, Seaman
Farrell, John, Coal Passer
Fehmel, Emil J. P., Gunner's Mate, Third Class
Ferguson, Sam, Apprentice, First Class
Finley, William Goddart, Apprentice, First Class
Flynn, Peter, Fireman, First Class
Folan, John, Fireman, First Class
Fook, Chee, Wardroom Steward
Forrow, Sidney Albert, Fireman, Second Class
Forstrom, Olof Bruno, Seaman
Fremgen, William, Apprentice, First Class
Freudendorf, Gustav, Boatswain's Mate, 2nd Class
Gabel, John, Gunner's Mate, First Class
Gallagher, Edward S., Chief Machinist
Garrod, Leo Harry, Musician, Second Class
Gaul, Patrick, Coal Passer
Gee, Ah, Cabin Cook
George, Alexander, Seaman
Gerbracht, Peter J., Apprentice, First Class
Glover, Harry Byron, Printer
Goldthwaite, Harry, Yeoman, Third Class
Grady, John, Gunner's Mate, First Class
Grimsley, Charles Clifford, Fireman, First Class
Gruner, Frank, Seaman
Gulson, Hermann, Boatswain's Mate, 2nd Class
Hager, William, Apprentice, First Class
Hallett, John L., Ordinary Seaman
Hammar, Alrik, Apothecary
Hammer, Ernest, Musician, Second Class
Hanibel, Harry, Ordinary Seaman
Hansen, Albert, Seaman
Hansen, Albert W., Seaman
Hansen, Alexander, Coal Passer
Hansen, Fred, Coal Passer
Hansen, Haaken L., Seaman
Hansen, Peter, Seaman
Hanston, William W., Landsman
Harding, John, Coal Passer
Hardy, Thomas F., Apprentice, First Class
Hasler, William, Ordinary Seaman
Hawser, Joseph J., Gunner's Mate, Second Class
Haycock, Fletcher E., Ordinary Seaman
Healey, John Joseph, Landsman
Heany, John, Boatswain's Mate, First Class
Heath, John, Coal Passer
Heeney, George F., Seaman
Hellings, Herbert, Coal Passer
Hemter, John McB., Landsman
Henry, John, Fireman, First Class
Herbert, William, Coal Passer
Hervan, Edward Bror, Master-At-Arms, Third Class
Hicks, James Henry, Fireman, Second Class
Higgins, Stephen F., Oiler
Hirsch, Louis, Fireman. Second Class
Hogan, Oliver J., Fireman, Second Class
Holloway, Murray S., Chief Machinist
Horn, Charles, Seaman
Horn, Herman Jacob, Gunner's Mate, Third Clas&
Howlley, William, Coal Passer
Hughes, Louis D., Landsman
Isberg, Nils G. E., Coxswain
Jansen, Jacob C., Chief Machinist
Janson, Herman E., Ordinary Seaman
Jervis, Edward, Coal Passer
Johnson, Frank B., Coal Passer
Johnston, Edward W., Ordinary Seaman
Jones, Charles John, Coal Passer
Jordan, John C., Gunner's Mate, Second Class
Jorgensen, Jorgen A., Coxswain
Jorgenson, George, Oiler
Judge, John P., Ordinary Seaman
Kabelitz, Otto, Coxswain
Kaulbach, Fred Max, Coxswain
Kay, Harry, Master-At-Arms, Second Class
Kelley, Thomas J., Apprentice, First Class
Keniston, Frank C., Apprentice, First Class
Keogh, William M., Musician, First Class
Kerai, Ah, Mess Attendant
Kerr, John, Chief Machinist
Kidd, Alexander A., Ordinary Seaman
King, William, Seaman
Kjenong, Adolph, Seaman
Klein, Henry, Fireman, Second Class
Knight, William, Fireman, First Class
Krueger, Eugene, Oiler
Kuhl, Jacob, Ordinary Seaman
Lamoreaux, Frank J., Coal Passer
Lang, Wilhelm, Quartermaster, Second Class
Larsen, Christopher, Sailmaker's Mate
Larsen, Peter, Gunner's Mate, Third Class
Larson, Anders, Seaman
Larson, Otto, Cosxwain
Lasander, Andro, Seaman
Leal, Richard, Seaman
Lee, Thomas, Fireman, First Class
Leppard, Thomas S., Coal Passer
Lindaur, Knut S., Apprentice, First Class
Lindholm, Gustaf A., Seaman
Ling, Ah, Steward to Commander-In-Chief
Lisle, Richard, Apprentice, First Class
Ljungquist, Conrad W., Chief Gunner's Mate
Lochridge, Frank, Ordinary Seaman
Longenecker, Wayne L., Apprentice, First Class
Longley, George, Coal Passer
Lord, M. C., Fireman, First Class
Luck, Ah Sing, Mess Attendant
Lundgardh, Arthur, Coal- Passer
Lynch, William, Coal Passer
Lyons, Joseph Daniel, Ordinary Seaman
Maiss, Julius, Seaman
Man, Ah, Mess Attendant
Marchand, Fred James, Coal Passer
Marks, Jacob, Water Tender
Marquardt, Albert A., Apprentice, First Class
Martell, George Hiram, Ordinary Seaman
Martin, John, Fireman, First Class
Martin, John, Gunner's Mate, Second Class
Mason, William, Bayman
Mathewson, William A., Apprentice, Second Class
Maw, Ah, Warrant Officers' Steward
May, Frank, Ship's Cook, First Class
Mehrtens, Rudolph C., Quartermaster, First Class
Meitzel, Peter, Chief Carpenter's Mate
Methfessel, Carl Albert, Apprentice, First Class
Metzendorf, David D., Ordinary Seaman
Meyer, Bernard,.Landsman
Miller, Jacob, Ordinary Seaman
Milton, Frederick H., Seaman
Mitchell, Charles, Bugler
Mitchell, Charles, Landsman
Mocgrew, Patrick, Seaman
Moore, Earle Clifton, Musician, First Class
Moore, William, Water Tender
Morris, Evan George, Landsman
Mullen, Edward, Water Tender
Munro, William A., Chief Machinist
Murphy, Thomas, Fireman, First Class
Murphy, Thomas, Seaman
Murray, Patrick, Chief Boatswain's Mate
Murray, William, Landsman
Mccausland, John P., Coal Passer
Mcclancy, Barney, Fireman, Second Class
Mcdonald, Edward M., Ordinary Seaman
Mcdonald, George, Coal Passer
Mcdonald, John, Coxswain
Mcelwee, Hugh, Fireman, First Class
Mckenna, Thomas L., Quartermaster, Third Class
Mclean, Angus, Ordinary Seaman
Mcnaff, William J., Fireman, First Class
Mcneany, William J., Apprentice, First Class
Mcniff, William T., Apprentice, First Class
Mcrath, Alexander, Boatswain's Mate, First Class
Neely, David, Apprentice, First Class
Nelson, Oscar, Seaman
Neuland, Carl, Fireman, Second Class
Ney, Martin F., Oiler
Nichelson, James, Coal Passer
Nichol, Charles, Seaman
Nilsson, Adolph, Gunner's Mate, Second Class
Nisson, Thomas, Coxswain
Nokes, Frank Joseph, Landsman
Norton, John, Fireman, Second Class
Nutcher, Edward C., Coal Passer
Olaquez, Thomas, Musician, Second Class
Oldenburg, Hugo, Oiler
Olsen, Jacob, Seaman
Olsen, Olaf John, Coxswain
Olson, Erland, Blacksmith
O'malley, John, Coal Passer
O'neill Thomas, Carpenter's Mate, Third Class
Osterberg, Charles H., Seaman
Ostertag, Louis Henry, Ordinary Seaman
Otto, Hearik, Landsman
Parsloe, Frederick L., Apprentice, First Class
Passano, Leonard C., Chief Yeoman
Pedersen, Andrew, Coxswain
Pedersen, Ingval H., Boatswain's Mate, Second Class
Penza, Andoria, Musician, Second Class
Petar, Harry, Seaman
Peters, Philip John, Coal Passer
Petersson, Reinhold, Oiler
Petrie, Bertie, Ordinary Seaman
Phelan, William, Seaman
Phillips, John, Seaman
Phillips, Nicholas W., Gunner's Mate, First Class
Pinkerton, Justus B., Ordinary Seaman
Plunkett, William R., Landsman
Poor, Edward L., Apprentice, First Class
Pratt, Robert, Water Tender
Probert, William T., Apprentice, First Class
Proctor, William, Seaman
Purdy, Gilbert H., Seaman
Quaranta, Tommaso, Musician, Second Class
Radley, Charles A. Seaman
Rakebrand, Henry F. W. A., Fireman, Second Class
Ramsay, Werdebaugh, Master-At-Arms, Third Class
Randolph Hiram, Boatswain's Mate, First Clas&
Raycroft, Thomas H., Oiler
Reader, William, Gunner's Mate, Second Class
Reardon, Francis J., Gunner's Mate, First Class
Reeves, George A., Landsman
Reynolds, Frank, Fireman, First Class
Picker, Frank, Apprentice, First Class
Robinson, Henry B., Seaman
Rolf, Olan, Seaman
Ross, Charles, Boatswain's Mate, Second Class
Rowan, Philip S., Apprentice, First Class
Ruork, Harry Lee, Ordinary Seaman
Ruser, Frank August, Apprentice, First Class
Russell, Edward, Ordinary Seaman
Rust, Joseph, Ordinary Seaman
Sam, Ah, Steerage Steward
Sam, Ah, Mess Attendant
Sang, Lum Wong, Mess Attendant
Saunders, Simon, Fireman, Second Class
Scaled, Gastano, Musician, Second Class
Schmidt, Robert, Ordinary Seaman
Shay, Ralph, Seaman
Sheehan, Michael, Coal Passer
Shields, Richard J., Machinist
Shulz, Paul, Fireman, Second Class
Siderio, Pospero, Musician, First Class
Sims, Harry Joseph, Yeoman, Second Class
Sing, Ah, Cabin Steward
Sing, Man, Mess Attendant
Smith, Abraham, L., Coal Passer
Smith, Ernest, Gunner's Mate, Second Class
Smith, John W., Coal Passer
Smith, William, Ordinary Seaman
Smyth, Claude W., Coal Passer
Soo, Ah, Mess Attendant
Soong, Ah, Wardroom Cook
Sou, Ah, Warrant Officer's Cook
Stanton, Edward P., Apprentice, First Class
Stenerson, Martin, Fireman, Second Class
Stevenson, Frank, Plumber And Fitter
Strong, Elmer, Chief Yeoman
Sullivan, John, Fireman, First Class
Sullivan, John J., Apprentice, First Class
Summers, George, Coal Passer
Sweeney, James J., Landsman
Swensen, Peter, Gunner's Mate, Third Class
Swift, Luther Town, Chief Quartermaster
Taffinder, Charles A., Apprentice, First Class
Taylor, John, Seaman
Teytand, August P., Apprentice, First Class
Thomas, Frank, Coal Passer
Thompson, Andrew, Quartermaster, Third Class
Thorne, Elbert Todd, Landsman
Tiernan, William, Landsman
Tisdale, John B., Landsman
Tomlinson, Joseph H., Ship's Cook, Fourth Class
Toohey, Thomas P., Seaman
Toy, Ah, Landsman
Trevorrow, William J., Chief Machinist
Trewren, George W., Apprentice, First Class
Trotter, Harold Van D., Apprentice, First Class
Tung, Ah, Landsman
Twitchell, Charles H., Fireman, Second Class
Valifuoco, Michele, Bandmaster
Voo On, Lee, Mess Attendant
Walker, Henry J., Fireman, Second Class
Walker, Robert C., Coal Passer
Wall, Anselum A., Ordinary Seaman
Wallace, Robert, Gunner's Mate, First Class..
Walsh, Henry J., Oiler.
Warren, Herbert L., Oiler
Weaver, William W., Ordinary Seaman
Weir, John, Seaman
Weller, Frank, Ordinary Seaman
White, David, Apprentice, First Class
Why, Ah, Mess Attendant
Williams, Christian L., Landsman
Wilson, Albert, Seaman
Wilson, Charles, Seaman
Wilson, Thomas, Oiler
Wilson, William, Fireman, First Class
Winslow, Christopher J, Chief Machinist
Wise, Charles J, Landsman.
Wishman, Daniel W., Seaman
Wolftone, John, Coal Passer
Yamauchi, Hiraki, Steerage Cook
Ying, Ah, Steerage Cook
Young, Ah, Mess Attendant
Young, Louis S., Apprentice, First Class

Marine Guard Of The Flagship Olympia
Schurman, Harry W., First Sergeant
Harris, Henry H., Sergeant
Perkins, Edward, Sergeant
Zillig, Edward, Sergeant
Nelson, Charles, Sergeant
Nichols, Claud, Corporal
Mcdonald, William J., Corporal
Barrett, Richard, Corporal
Botsa, Alexander, Private
Corbett, John, Private
Cordova, Richard R., Private
Cornyn, Felix, Private
Coventry, David S., Private
Daly, Carrol, Private
Dwyer, John, Private
Ferguson, Thomas S, Private
Ferris, George, Private
Flynn, Richard P., Private
Mealy, Patrick J., Private
Mickey, William A., Private
Hidden, Thomas M., Private
Hunt, Theodore P., Private
Kennedy, Josephus, Private
Kennedy, Thomas, Private
Ketcham, John McP., Private
Lawton, John S., Private
Littlejohn, Benjamin F., Private
McDougall, John A., Private
Mcgrath, Thomas F., Private
Mcilvain, Rufus, Private
McLaughlin, William, Private
Odin, Hugo A., Private
Petsold, Charles, Private
Rodney, James, Private
Sander, John G., Private
Shaffer, William H, Private
Slight, Edward T, Private
Sorensen, Samuel P, Private
Tolley, Fred, Private
Tracey, Patrick J., Private
Vincent, Walter, Fifer
Vogt, William, Drummer
Wachter, George, Private
Warrell, George, Private
Warren, Arthur E., Private
West, Thomas, Private

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