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Battle of Manila Bay Medal (Dewey Medal)

The act of Congress approved 3 June 1898, provides: "that the Secretary of the Navy be, and he hereby is, authorized to present a sword of honor to Commodore George Dewey, and cause to be struck bronze medals commemorating the Battle of Manila Bay, and to distribute such medals to the officers and men of the ships of the Asiatic Squadron of the United State under the command of Commodore George Dewey on May 1, 1898."

[Historical note: This medal was designed by celebrated artist Daniel Chester French, who sculpted the statue of a seated Lincoln in Washington's Lincoln Memorial and the "Minuteman" at Concord, Mass. The medal was struck by Tiffany & Co. The front, or obverse, depicts a bust of Commodore George Dewey. On the back, or reverse, is included the name of the vessel on which the recipient served. The name of the recipient is engraved on the medal's lower rim, this being one of only two service medals issued officially named to the recipient.]

Any person who was attached to one of the following ships on 1 May 1898 is eligible for this medal:

Source: 1948, 1953 U.S. Navy Awards Manual

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