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The George Henry Preble Collection

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(Greenwood, Jonathan.) The Sailing And Fighting Instructions Or Signals As They Are Observed In The Royal Navy Of Great Britain. (London: c1715-22?)

16mo; unpaginated. 53 pages containing 106 hand-colored copper engravings of ship-of-war day signals, followed by four pages of “Signals in a Fogg” containing eight unpainted copper engravings of fog signals from a ship’s cannon, and ending with ten pages of 19 copper engravings, 16 of those hand-painted ships and the remaining three unpainted illustrations of “Signals by Night.” Beautifully bound in early gilt-decorated red morocco with marbled end papers; t.e.g.

Title page to: "The Sailing And Fighting Instructions Or Signals As They Are Observed In The Royal Navy Of Great Britain."

Text: (1) For Fireships in the Vice of the Reds Division. (2) For all Masters of Men of war. (3) For the headmost & weathermost Ships to Tack first. (4) For the whole Fleet to tack Together.

Text: (1) For the Fleet to Exercise their Small and Great Guns. (2)  for the Vice & Rear Admirals of the Fleet. (3) For the White Squadron to make More Saile. (4) For the Blew Squadron to make More Saile.

Text: (1) For the Agent Victualler. (2) For all Fireships in ye Blew Squadron. (3) For Fireships in the rear of the Blews Division. (4) For Fireships in the vice of the Blews Division.

(From Signals by night section) Text: (1) To hoist Yards and Topmasts. (2) To Make Sail after lying by. (3) To Anchor. (4) Without Alteration of Lights - To Alter ye Course.

"Advertisement. Just published the Sailing an fighting Instructions or Signals as they are observed in the Royal Navy of Great-Britain; being a neat pocket volume, Engraved on copper plates, and printed on a superfine Elephant paper, with a Ship to each Signal, and the various Signal Flags, painted in their own proper colours. Very useful and necessary for all Officers and others in His Majesty’s Navy, Commanders of Merchant Ships that..."

...may happen to go under Convoy. Its likewise very ornamental in Sheets, for Rooms, Stair-cases or Cabins. To be sold at 5s. the set, in Sheets, and 6s. Bound by R. Mount on Tower-Hill; and at John Greenwoods, at the Anchor and Crown in Mansel-Street, Goodman’s Fields. Where any person may be supplied with them, coloured or uncoloured, with reasonable allowance to those that sell again.'

06 March 2007