Regulation, December 7, 1841

Navy Department,
Washington, 7th December, 1841.

[Officers Prohibited From Publishing Offensive Matter Between Themselves or Between Officers and Citizens]

Officers of the Navy are strictly prohibited from publishing, or causing to be published in newspapers, pamphlets, handbills or otherwise, any disrespectful or offensive matter relative to transactions of a private nature, between officers or between officers and citizens; and any officer so offending shall be arrested and tried therefor; and one specification of the charge against him shall be the violation of this regulation.

The practice of presenting swords, plate or other things of value from inferior officers or from crews, to their superior or commanding officer, in the way of compliment; and all votes or resolutions whether of praise or censure, from inferiors to superiors, are injurious to discipline and of evil tendency in other respects. They are therefore strictly forbidden.

A. P. Upshur,
[Secretary of the Navy].

Navy Department,
7th December, 1841.