Rules of the Navy Department Library (1893-1897)


Navy Department Library

1. Officers of the Navy, and others employed under the
authority of the Navy Department, have the privilege of
drawing books from the library.

2. An employé who wishes to use the library must first
obtain permission from the officer in charge.

3. An entry, giving name and address of borrower, shall
be made of all books or periodicals taken from the Library.

4. A book must not be kept out for a longer period than
one month; but the loan may be renewed for two weeks,
unless called for by someone else.

5. Books taken from the Library must not be loaned to

6. In loaning books, regard will be had to the require-
ments of offices in the Department, and priority will always
be given to these offices.

7. Works of reference, books containing valuable plates
or engravings, or books that, owing to their antiquity or
scarceness, cannot be replaced, must not be taken from
the Library. All such will be labeled “Not for issue.”

8. A book lost while in the possession of a borrower must
be replaced.

9. Previous to detachment or going on leave of absence,
those having books belonging to the Library must return

10. An employé who resigns or is discharged will not re-
ceive final payment until the Librarian certifies to the
Disbursing Clerk that there is no charge against such per-
son on the records of the Library.

11. No unbound periodicals shall be issued from the
Library except for office use.

The above rules apply to all persons connected with the
Library as well as others.

The Librarian is required to enforce these rules.

Assistant Secretary of the Navy.

Source: A photocopy of this undated document issued between the years of 1893-1897 is located in the vertical file on the history of the Navy Department Library, at the Navy Department Library.