Honda (Pedernales) Point, California, Disaster, 8 September 1923
Orders for Certain Officers of the Destroyer Squadrons


San Diego, California,
14 December, 1923.

To: The Chief of the Bureau of Navigation.

Subject: Orders for certain officers of the DESTROYER SQUADRONS.


(a) BuNav despatch 6420-1620 of September, 1923.
(b) BuNav despatch 6003-1730 of October, 1923.
(c) Comdesrons’ letter 1141-F70 of 13 November, 1923.
(d) Comdesrons’ despatch 0114-1515 of December, 1923.

1. Under reference (a) Lieutenants H.B. Davis, E.G. Hersinger, W.E. Tarbutton, R.W. Hayler and Lieutenant (jg) C.V. Lee, US Navy were not ordered but still remain attached to the wrecked destroyers.

2. Under reference (b) temporary duty orders were issued to Lieutenant Davis to McCawley, Lieutenant Hersinger to Henshaw, Lieutenant Tarbutton to Meyer and Lieutenant (jg) Lee to Doyen.

3. Lieutenant Hayler at the time of the wreck was attached to the S.P. Lee but was doing temporary duty as officer-in-charge of the torpedo school and subsequently ordered temporary duty command of the Melvin as relief of Lieutenant Commander G. T. Swasey.

4. This leaves Lieutenants Davis, Hersinger, Tarbutton and Lieutenant (jg) Lee on temporary orders to vessels as indicated above – and Lieutenant Hayler on temporary duty Melvin but the other officers still attached to: USS Fuller, Young, S.P. Lee, Doyen, respectively.

5. It is requested that the above named officers be issued orders under date 26 October detaching them from these ships and ordering them to their ships and order Lieutenant Hayler as executive of Selfridge in accordance with recommendations contained in reference (d). In summary as follows:

Lieut. H. B. Davis, USN--------USS Fuller to McCawley
Lieut. E.G. Hersinger, USN-----USS Young to Henshaw
Lieut. W.E. Tarbutton, USN----USS S.P. Lee to Meyer
Lt.(jg) C.V. Lee, USN--- -----USS Chauncey to Doyen
and Lieut. R.W. Hayler, USN--USS S.P. Lee to Selfridge


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