Honda (Pedernales) Point, California, Disaster, 8 September 1923
Conduct of Officers and Men at Time of Stranding of Destroyers

U.S.S. Melville, Flagship


San Diego, California
17 October 1923.

From: Commander Destroyer Squadron Eleven
To: Commander Destroyer Squadrons, Battle Fleet.

SUBJECT: Conduct of officers and men at time of stranding of Destroyers off Point Pedernales, California.

(a) COMDESRONS, BF. letter, file 5501-F-6-B/01 of 20 September 1923.

Enclosures: (1) Copy of Commander Destroyer Squadron Eleven letter file 100-8/02 of 24 September 1923. (6) Letters from Commanding Officers of the Stranded Vessels.

1. In addition to the Officers and men named in paragraph three (3) of the reference (a) the following personnel, mentioned in the six enclosures, also performed acts of highly meritorious service on the 8 - 9 September 1923 and it is recommended that they [be]commended as those in reference (a):

W.P. Gaddis, Commander: Extricated his ship from a serious position.

H.O. Roesch, Lieut-Comdr.: Showed excellent judgment in keeping all officers and men on board until day light; noteworthy order and discipline of officers and crew at abandoning of ship.

The acts of highly meritorious service of the following officers and men are enumerated in the six enclosures:


E.W. Watkins, Sea.2/c
W.A. Cronin, Sea.2/c
J.N. Cochran, CWT.
G.M. Dickman, CRM.
M.H. Ryan, Comstd.
R.C. Kiblinger, Sea.2/c
R.G. Warf, TM.3/c
E. Novak, RM.3/c
E. Matson, Yeo.1/c
E.J. Andrews, CEM.
P.E. Pointer, CBM.
V.A. Puddy, Sea.2/c
B.M. Wolf, Sea.2/c


B.S. Jones, Ensign
D. Stasta, Sea.2/c
G.M. Melvin, F.2/c
L.A. Campbell, Sea.2/c
S.L. Gillespie, F.3/c
F.M. Moon, M.M.1/c
Lucian Barger, S.F.3/c
G.H. Trenhaile, F.1/c
C.M. Bass, Sea.2/c
A.M. Titus, Sea. 2/c
J.R. Collins, F.2/c


H.B. Davis, Lieut.
Ollis Kelly, B.M.1c
H.A. Thomas, C.B.M.
Walter Scott, T.M.2/c


W.E. Tarbutton, Lieut.
P.W. Steinhagen, Lieut. (jg)
O.H. Chase, CWT.
E.M. Patterson, F.1/c
H.P.C. Schade, Sea.1/c
K.A. Bixler, QM.2/c
L.M. Woodson, WT.2/c
A.H. Small, Lieut. (jg)
C.G. Stahl, Sea.1/c
B.H. Parpart, WT.2/c
L.C. Mikesell, Yeo.2/c
I. Vukovic, CTM.
L.M. Goodwalt, MM.1/c
A.E. Dominick, Sea.1/c


W.M. Smith, Lieut. (jg)
N. Green, Ensign
T.C. Cunningham, CBM.
E.J. O’Reilly, CQM.
J.A. Schwab, CWT.
T.D. DeWitt, CMM.
C.D. Reid, TM.2/c
C.G. Breitenbach, GM.2/c
G.G. Schobie, PhM.1/c
J.J. Heubel, Eng.1/c
C.J. Franke, F.2/c
H.F. Williams, Sea.2/c
C.T. Tracey, Sea.2/c
J.C. Watkins, F.2/c
T.M. Kerr, Sea.2/c
M. Montgomery, Lieut. (jg)
R.H. Cunningham, Ensign
D.D. Arkley, CSM.
W.J. Stoudt, CCM.
R.A. Moore, CWT.
A.Von Warren CTM.
G.H. Cochran, BM.2/c
T.M. Rolle, Cox.
A. Knox, F.3/c
W. Dearbanna, Eng.1/c
A.R. Anderson, F.2/c
W.G. Renstrom, Sea.2/c
W.T. Hayle, WT.1/c
M.F. Singer, F.2/c
V.L. Walch, Sea.2/c


F.A. Packer, Ensign
Lyle Perry, Sea.2/c
J.M. Reynolds, BM.2/c
P. Connell, Sea.1/c
G.S. Button, Sea.2/c
W.E. Stock, Ensign
G. Bleam, WT.1/c
C.G. Ostergrad, MM.1/c

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