Honda (Pedernales) Point, California, Disaster, 8 September 1923
Bibliography and Archival Sources

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US Navy Records Located at the National Archives in Washington DC:

Record Group (RG) 125
Records of the Judge Advocate General of the Navy.

Court of Inquiry, Case #12847, @ 2000 pages in Boxes 349 & 350, 11W2 28/12/2.
Includes 2 Courts Martial (Hunter and Watson) and charge out card for Blodgett.

Record Group (RG) 45
Office of Naval Records & Library, Navy Subject File 1911-1927.

RG-Groundings, Box 584, Folder #6 “Destroyers grounded off Honda Point September 8, 1923,” containing over 500 pages, 11W4 18/6/2.

OS – US Naval Vessels 1911-1927 (a file on each ship involved).

Record Group (RG) 80
General Records of Department of Navy, 1798-1947, General File For Navy, 1897-1926.

File # 26835, Box 2073, @ 300 pages (contains copies of Court of Inquiry), 11W3 24/14/3.

File # 27424, Box 2247, @ 1000 pages, 11W3 24/18/4.

File 26262-10680 Box 1696 11W3 11/1/4 @ 50 pages total.

File 26262-10681

File 26262-10682

File 26262-10683

File 26262-10699

File 26262-10721

File 26262-10722

File 26262-10723

File 26262-10724

File 26262-10725

File 26262-10761

Formerly Confidential Correspondence of the Secretary of the Navy.

File # 216-33:7. Microfilm reel: M1140 roll 104.

File # 232-41. Microfilm reel: M 1140 roll 115.

Photographs: Secretary of the Navy Formerly confidential 1927-39, file DD/L11-1 Box 166.

Hydrographic Charts: large volume RG 80-oversize 11W3 13/16/2.

Compilation of Court-Martial Orders, 1916-1937, Vol. 1 (Washington: Government
Printing Office, 1940), pages 866-873. (copy located in 11W3 16/27/2).

Point Honda Court Records:

Court of Inquiry 12847 (includes Watson’s and Hunter’s Court martial and a reference card to Blodgett’s “see selection board”).

Court Martial Cases (Many of these court cases include the logbook pages and charts as exhibits.):

Blodgett, Lawrence F. 58790 (card “see 12847).
Hunter, Donald T. 58789 (card “see 12847).
Watson, Edward H. 58791 (card see 12847).
Morris, Robert 58810 (approx. 275 pages).
Seed, Walter D. 58956 (approx. 150 pages).
Roesch, Herbert O. 59006 (card “see examination board) Includes examination board, but court case is not there.
Calhoun, William L. Number not known.
Booth, Richard H. 58955 (approximately 125 pages).
Toaz, William H. 58954 (approximately 150 pages).
Davis, Louis P. 58953 (card “with exam board”) (we don’t have his exam board).
Pye, William S. 58957 (card “with exam board”) (we don’t have exam board).

Officers Promotion and Retirement Board files*
(Officers must be dead or completely retired before 1943.).

Blodgett, Lawrence F. None
Hunter, Donald T. Box 554
Watson, Edward H. Box 1122
Morris, Robert Box 501 with photo.
Seed, Walter D. Box 970
Roesch, Herbert O. Box 621 with photo (does not include court proceedings).
Calhoun, William L. None
Booth, Richard H. Box 53 with photo.
Toaz, William H. Boxes 1079-1080
Davis, Louis P. None
Pye, William S. None

*These files include officers’ monthly fitness reports with evaluations about actions at Point Honda.

Note: The Regional Branch of the National Archives at Laguna Niguel, CA, also has four Hollinger boxes of materials relating to the incident.