Thomas Tingey, Captain, USN

LS Dated 10 December 1817, Navy Yard, Washington. To John Rose. Regarding grape shot.

Thomas Tingey letter dated 10 December 1817 

LS dated 10 December 1817

  Navy Yard Wash[ington] 10 Dec[embe]r 1817
I have received the twelve balls, as models
for 42 pounder grape shot: and consider them
as extremely well executed: and have now to
request you will be pleased to turn and fur-
nish me with ten others, of 2 55/100 inches, in-
tended for the same sized gun, but, to have five
in each tier round the stem of the stool.
I am very respectfully
Your obed[ien]t Serv]an]t
Tho[ma]s Tingey

Mr. John Rose.