James Russell Soley

Secretary of the Navy

1 October 1850 - 11 September 1911

James Russell Soley - notice of designation as examiner - 14 Dec 1886.  James Russell Soley - notice of designation as examiner - 14 Dec 1886.   Form No. 24
June '85
Soley James Russell
Notice of Designation as Examiner.
U.S. Civil Service Commission,
Washington, D.C., December 14, 1886
I am instructed to inform you that the U.S. Civil Service Commission,
in the exercise of the authority conferred by the third section of the Act to
regulate and improve the Civil Service, approved January 16, 1883, after due
consultation with the head of the office under whom you serve, having special
confidence in your character and capacity, has selected and does hereby designate
you to be a member of the Board of Civil Service Examiners
on Naval Science and Afairs

A copy of that act and of the Rules and Regulations made pursuant thereto
accompany this communication. The duties of an Examiner are therein plainly
stated, and you notice that the fourth rule makes the examinations a part
of the public business to be performed at the office referred to.
Requesting your acknowledgement of this designation as Examiner,
I have the honor of being,
Very respectfully,
Charles Frederick Adams
Acting Chief Examiner
To Professor J.R. Soley,
Office of Naval War Records
Navy Department, City