Ernie Pyle, War Correspondent

Typed letter from Ernie Pyle to Captain Strauss dated 31 March 1945.

March 31[handwritten in black ink], 1945

Dear Captain Strauss --

You said you would be kind enough to keep this $20 for me when I go 
ashore. I've added a newly discovered dollar to it. You don't need to put
it in the safe. In case I get bumped off just give it, magnanimously, to the poor!

I'm leaving my clothing roll with Mr. Thwing -- not to be delivered ashore
until or unless I send for it. Actually I think I shall probably go back with
you. Even if not, I'm sure I'll be back aborad on D-1 or D-2.

Many, many thanks.

[signed in pencil] Ernie Pyle

 Image of letter typed by war correspondent Ernie Pyle to Cpatain Strauss, dated 31 March 1945.