Rear Admiral David D. Porter, US

Two of nine manuscript General Orders, signed while commanding the Mississippi Squadron during the Civil War.

General Order 1 dated 16 October 1862. Directs all ships to provide a listing of officers on board.

David D. Porter, General Order #1   

General Order no. 1.

Commanders of vessels will furnish me immediately with lists of officers, with their rank, and mention those who are not regularly appointed by the Navy Department - In the latter case the Commanders will state who did appoint them.

Very respectfully.
David D Porter.
Actg. Rear Admiral.
Mississippi Squadron.

Cairo. [...] Oct.16.1862.

General Order 24 dated 29 December 1862. Officers shall not go further from the boat than the bank or next ships.

David D. Porter, General Order #24   

General Order. No. 24.

No officer or man will be allowed to leave the vessels to go further than the bank, or to visit some vessel, nearby; and none of the crew will be permitted to leave the boats or go on shore unless in charge of an officer on duty, who will not lose sight of them. Particular attention to General Order No 4

David D Porter
Acting Rear Admiral
Comng Miss. Squadron
December 29, 1862.