Admiral Chester W. Nimitz

Documents relating to Admiral Nimitz's naval career.

Note: (os) Oversized document

United States Naval Academy

Certificate of Completion, Preparatory Course Afloat

30 Jan 1905 (os)

Certificate of Graduation 25 Feb 1907 (os)

Diploma - Bachelor of Science

8 Sep 1937

Certificate, Degree
United States Naval War College, Newport, RI 1923

Commission/Appointment, Certificates of
Appointment Naval Cadet 7 Sep 1901
Appointment Cadet Lieutenant - United States Naval Academy,

1 Oct 1904

Commission Ensign - copy of original document signed by Pres. Theodore Roosevelt 11 Mar 1907
Commission Ensign - signed by Pres. Theodore Roosevelt 18 Feb 1908 (os)
Commission Lieutenant (jg) - signed by Pres. William Howard Taft 12 Mar 1910 (os)
Commission Lieutenant Commander - signed by Pres. Woodrow Wilson 16 Mar 1917
Commission Commander - signed by Secretary of the Navy Josephus Daniels 11 Nov 1920
Commission Commander - signed by Pres. Warren G. Harding 15 Dec 1921 (os)
Commission Captain - signed by Pres. Calvin Coolidge 24 Dec 1927 (os)
Appointment Chief, Bureau of Navigation - signed by Pres. Franklin D. Roosevelt

15 Jun 1939 (os)

Commission Commander-in-Chief, Pacific Fleet - signed by Pres. Franklin D. Roosevelt

14 Jan 1942 (os)

Commission Admiral - signed by Pres. Franklin D. Roosevelt

15 Sep 1944 (os)

Commission Rear Admiral - by Pres. Franklin D. Roosevelt (undated) (os)
Commission Fleet Admiral - signed by Pres. Franklin D. Roosevelt 16 Dec 1944 (os)
Commission Fleet Admiral - signed by Pres. Harry Truman 2 Apr 1946 (os)

Silver Star - Letter of Commendation

23 Nov 1920

Citation Distinguished Service Medal


Distinguished Service Medal - citation signed by Pres. Franklin D. Roosevelt

circa 1942

Distinguished Service Medal - citation by Pres. Franklin D. Roosevelt circa 1942
Distinguished Service Medal - citation


Gold Star - citation signed by Pres. Harry Truman

circa 1945

Distinguished Service Medal - certificate

14 Oct 1946

Distinguished Service Medal - citation signed by Pres. Harry Truman

circa 1947

Distinguished Service Medal - certificate 5 Feb 1948

International Honors
Territory of Hawaii Resolution

10 Mar 1943

Territory of Hawaii Resolution

24 Feb 1943

Republica del Ecuador – Diploma

30 Mar 1944 (os)

Honorary Knight Grand Cross Military Division of the Order of the Bath

11 Jan 1945 (os)

Honorary Knight Grand Cross of the Military Division of the Most Honourable Order of Bath by First Lord of the Admiralty, Admiralty, Whitehall, England

10 Aug 1945

Knight Grand-Cross in the Order of Orange Nassau by Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands

4 Dec 1946 (with translation in English)

Grand Croix De L'orde De La Couronne Avec Palme by Belgium

28 Apr 1947

La Cruz de Merito Militar de Primera Clase by Republic of Guatemala 30 Apr 1947 (os)
Ordre National de la Legion d'Honneur by Republique Francais 19 Nov 1947 (os)
Cavaliere di Gran Croce by Repubblica Italiana 5 Dec 1947
Orden del Libertador San Martin by De la Nacion Republica Argentina

10 Dec 1947 (os)

Citation, Chinese Embassy

8 Mar 1947

Ordem do Merito Naval by Republica dos Estados Unidos do Brasil

13 Nov 1958 (os)

Governmental Honors

United States Treasury Department Citation

8 Mar 1945

Honorary Citizen of City of New York

9 Oct 1945 (os)

City of New Orleans, LA - Honorary Citizen of New Orleans

18 Jun 1946

State of Texas, Commission - Chief of Naval Operations of the Texas Navy

15 Dec 1947

State of Texas - Honorary Texas Ranger

19 Apr 1948

Commonwealth of Cape Cod, MA

4 Jul 1952 (os)

Office of the Mayor, City of New York, NY at Navy League Convention

2 May 1957 (os)

California Legislature, Resolution on 74th Birthday 25 Feb 1959 (os)
City of Richmond, CA, Welcome to Richmond

14 May 1959

Senate of Texas, Resolution 21 Feb 1963
Certificate in Japanese - not translated

(undated) (os)

Certificate in Greek – not translated (undated)

Civic, Industry Honors

The Society of the Sigma Xi - Honorary Member of California Chapter

24 Mar 1928 (os)

Philosophical Society of Texas 4 Dec 1943
The Sons of the Republic of Texas - Member

15 Dec 1943

Department of Kentucky Veterans of Foreign Wars

14 Aug 1944

United Daughters of the Confederacy - Cross of Military Service

23 Nov 1944

College of Fishing and Hunting

circa 1945 (os)

Kerryville Junior Chamber of Commerce - Life Membership

13 Oct 1945

National Geographic Society - Life Member

9 Jul 1946

The Texas State Society

circa 1947 (os)

National Celebrities Golf Tournament, Washington Post - Participation in 17-18 May 1947
International Mark Twain Society, St. Louis, MO - Knight of Mark Twain 12 Aug 1947
Polish Legion of American Veterans, National Department

30 Aug - 1 Sep 1947

Navy League of the United States 27 Oct 1947
Pine Ridge Navy 25 Nov 1947
Society of American Military Engineers - Certificate of Appreciation

10 Jun 1948

Navy Industrial Association, Inc. - Honorary Member

14 Sep 1948 (os)

Navy League of the United States

27 Oct 1948

The War Memorial Museum of Virginia

30 May 1949

American War Correspondents Association - Honorary Member 25 Jan 1950
Chatterbox Club - Honorary Member 30 Jul 1950
The Sons of the Republic of Texas - Knight of San Jacinto

21 Apr 1953

Texas Navy, Commission - Admiral

circa 1955

Boys' Clubs of America - Certificate of Appreciation

23 May 1956

Rotary International - Certificate of Appreciation, Castro Valley

26 Nov 1957

United States Junior Chamber of Commerce - Certificate of Appreciation


Naval Training Center, Great Lakes, IL - Honorary Alumnus (undated)
Readers of the Newspaper PM, Society of Red Tape Cutters (artwork by Theodore Geisel, aka Dr. Seuss)


Seabee Veterans of America, Michigan Department - Distinguished Service Award


Minute Men of America - Honorary Life Member


University of California - Certificate of Appreciation (undated)

Honorary Degrees

University of California - Doctor of Laws

6 Jun 1943 (os)

University of Hawaii, Doctor of Science 9 Jun 1944
Fordham University (Universitatis Fordhamensis) - Legum Doctoratum 7 Dec 1944 (os)
University of Texas - Phi Beta Kappa

22 May 1945

Tivy High School, Kerrville, Texas - Diploma 13 Oct 1945
University of Richmond, Virginia - Doctor of Laws 28 Mar 1946 (os)
Dominion University (Universitatis Dominae) - Legum Doctor 15 May 1946 (os)
Northwestern University - Doctor of Laws

16 May 1946

Wayne University, Detroit, MI - Doctor of Laws with citation

24 Oct 1946

Lafayettense College (Collegii Lafayettense) - Legum Doctoris

6 Jun 1947 (os)

Southwestern University, Georgetown, Texas - Doctor of Laws with citation

17 Jun 1946 (os)

University of South Carolina - Doctor of Civil Law with citation

19 Jun 1946 (os)
Tulane University of Louisiana, New Orleans, LA - Doctor of Laws 19 Jun 1946
University of South Carolina (Universitatis Carolinae Australis) - Legum Civilium Doctoris 19 Jun 1946 (os)
University of Syracuse, NY (Universitas Syrarusama) - Legum Doctorem 26 Aug 1946 (os)
Williams College, Williamstown, MA - Legum Doctorem (Doctor of Laws) with citation 12 Oct 1946
Columbia University, NY (Vniversitatis Colvmbiae) - Doctoris In Legibvs

21 Feb 1947 (os)

Seton College (Collegii Setoniensis) - Legum Civilium Doctorem

30 May 1947 (os)
University of Alabama - Doctor of Laws with citation

10 Jun 1947

Princeton University citation - Doctor of Laws honoris causa 17 Jun 1947
Princeton University (Vniversitatis - Princetoniensis) - Legum Doctoris 17 Jun 1947 (os)
Harvard University (Collegium Radclivianum Cantabrigiae)

20 Jun 1947 (os)

Loras College, Dubuque, IA - Litterarum Doctoris (Doctor of Letters) with citation

25 Oct 1947

University of Denver, Denver, CO - Doctor of Public Service, Honaris Causa with citation

8 Jun 1951


Fleet Admiral Nimitz, autographed to the Navy Department Library


Medals, decorations - unidentified 30 Jun 1948
“HMS Duke of York Nears Guam” 9 Aug 1945
Aboard HMS Duke of York at Guam 9-11 Aug 1945:
Allied Pacific Naval Chieftains Meet at Guam (Admiral Raymond A. Spruance, Admiral Sir Bruce Fraser - Royal Navy, Fleet Admiral Nimitz) 9 Aug

“Up Spirits..!” (Fleet Admiral Nimitz, Cdr. Hodges (Cdr., HMS Duke of York), Niems, Julian Wheeler, Admiral Sir Bruce Fraser, Angus Nicholl, Gen. Carl Spaatz)

11 Aug

Naval and Air Chiefs Salute National Anthems (Fleet Admiral Nimitz, Admiral Sir Bruce Fraser, Royal Navy, General Carl Spaatz)

10 Aug

Naval and Air Chiefs of the Pacific (Fleet Admiral Nimitz, Admiral Sir Bruce Fraser, General Carl Spaatz)

10 Aug
Fleet Admiral Nimitz receives the Order of the Bath

10 Aug

Fleet Admiral Nimitz wearing British Award 10 Aug
British Officers Chat Aboard HMS Duke of York,” (Vice Admiral C.H. McMorris and Captain G. Norfolk, Commander, HMS Whelp)
10 Aug
Fleet Admiral Nimitz inspects Marines Aboard British Flagship 11 Aug

Shipboard Rituals

Domain of Neptunnus Rex - Solemn Mysteries of the Ancient Order of the Deep

6 Jul 1925 (os)

Domain of Neptuneus Rex - Ancient Order of the Deep 13 Oct 1934
Imperivm Neptvni Regis - Solemn Mysteries of the Ancient Order of the Deep 14 Oct 1934 (os)

USS Augusta - Domain of Neptune Rex

14 Oct 1934


En Guardia - color photo of Admiral Nimitz - cover page only (undated) (os)
New York Sunday News - color photo of Admiral Nimitz, cover page only 29 Apr 1945 (os)
Fredericksburg's Tribute to Admiral Chester W. Nimitz: October Thirteenth Nineteen Hundred Forty-five, compiled by Fredericksburg Chamber of Commerce. 1945


American Society of Naval Engineers – Member

1 Nov 1915

International Assoc. of Machinists, Lodge 556 - Engine Certificate for Fuel Ship Maumee 9 Dec 1915 (os)
Scabbard and Blade – Member

23 Sep 1926

United States Naval Institute - Regular Member 30 March 1928


Invitation from Crew of USS Ohio,

10 Jan 1905

Letter from Acting Secretary of the Navy Burman Winthrop to Lt. Chester Nimitz on his bravery in rescuin Firman 2nd Class W.J. Walsh who was accidentally knocked off USS Tonopah. 30 July 1912
Certificate of Identification - for Commander C.W. Nimitz for visit to Great Britain, France & Italy. 14 May 1918
Sigma XI, California Chapter, Berkley - invitation to new member 24 Mar 1928
Postcard to Captain Nimitz (includes poem about fog) 20 Dec 1935
Typed list "Staff of CINC US Fleet and US Pacific Fleet" 7 Dec 1941
Pacific Fleet Notice 23N-42: Memorandum from King Neptune to Destroyer Screen. 12 October 1942
US Navy Military Government Proclamation Numbers 1-10 to the People of the Islands of Nansei Shoto and Adjacent Waters occupied by United States Forces [in English and Japanese]. 1945
Poem by Gordon Becker, read at luncheon, reprint

Sep 1945

Parade and Celebration for Fleet Admiral Nimitz - District of Columbia 5 Oct 1945

Map - Parade Route (os)

Map - Celebration Area (os)

Map - Assembly Area (os)

Testimonial Dinner - place card (with line art likeness)

5 Oct 1945

Booklet - Testimonial Dinner by the City of New York

9 Oct 1945

RECAP Newsletter, “Nimitz Medals on Display,” American Trust Company, San Francisco, CA

Jul 1948

Notice under name of Chester Nimitz, Sire, Bohemian Club; Dinner for General Mark Clark

16 Sep 1948

Kiwanis International, Beckley, WV – certificate

1 Sep 1950

Inaugural Committee, Invitation to Inauguration of Pres. Dwight D. Eisenhower 21 Jan 1957

Handwritten note from Angus Nicholl

14 Sep 1958

Print with Japanese hand-scribed notations (undated)

Booklet, with color photo of Admiral Nimitz, cover pages only – French (undated)
The Laws of the Navy by Captain Roland A. Hopwood, RN – poem


Color print - Vereins Church, Fredericksburg, Texas, and signed by C.W. Nimitz with notation, "I was christened in this church."

Certificate wishing "Happy Birthday to Admiral Chester W. Nimitz from Headquarters Sixth United States Army" with signatures. (undated)
Memorial Service Inviation from the Secretary of the Navy for services held at Golden Gate National Cemetery, San Bruno, California, with RSVP card. 20 February 1966


Dinner Honoring The Drake Navigators Guild – booklet 28 Sep 1960
Friends of Plymouth Art Gallery and Buckland Abbey - photographs, programs, clippings 17 Jun 1954


Typed letter, signed to Arthur W. Sevens, President, Automobile Safety Association. Admiral Nimitz as Commander in Chief, Pacific, questions the value of increasing downward visibility in aircraft so pilots can see more of the terrain or water. 20 April 1944
Letter from Secretary of the Treasury 8 Mar 1945
Letter from Executive Department, Austin, Texas to Scovill Mfg. Co.

8 Nov 1945

Letter from Scovill Mfg. Co., Waterbury, CT to C.W. Nimitz 29 Oct 1946
Letter from Ambassador of France

3 Dec 1947

Letter from Pres. Juan Peron, Buenos Aires, Argentina with English translation prepared by the Office of Chief of Naval Operations

23 Jan 1948
Letter from Governor Earl Warren, State of California,

13 Apr 1948

Letter from Secretary-General, United Nations, Lake Success, NY 6 Nov 1950
Letter from Former Pres. Harry Truman

17 May 1958

Letter from B.L. Austin, VADM, USN to Admiral Nimitz

15 Mar 1961

Memorandum for Vice Admiral Hooper regarding Admiral Nimitz Commission Certificates from J.H.B. Smith, Captain, USN, Head Curator Branch

17 Jan 1973

Nancy Nimitz

Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School, MD – Diploma

16 Jun 1936 (os)
Columbia University, NY - Bachelor of Science 27 Feb 1946 (os)