Thomas Macdonough, Captain USN

ALS dated 21 June 1824, Navy Yard, New York. To Samuel Southard, Secretary of the Navy. Regarding Moses Wilson who seeks an appointment as Midshipman.

 Thomas Macdonough letter dated June 21st 1824

Thomas Macdonough letter dated
June 21st, 1824


Navy Yard, New York
June 21st 1824
The bearer Mr. Moses M. Wilson is
desirous of attaining the appointment of
midshipman and has testimonials from many
respectable patrons in relation to his charac-
ter etc. which he will have the honour
to lay before you. I myself have no
personal knowledge of Mr. Wilsons ability
for the appointment he is desirous of, but
presume he would become a valuable
I have the honour to be
very respectfully
sir, your ob[edient] servant
T Macdonough

Hon[ora]ble Samuel L Southard
Secretary of the Navy