Commodore Dudley W. Knox - Identification Papers

Image of identification papers.

Certificate of Identification

This document is not a passport, but is
issued with the approval of the
Department of State.

United States of America
Department of the Navy

To all to whom these presents shall come, greeting:
I, the undersigned, Secretary of the Navy of the United States of America,
hereby certify that Comdr. D. W. Knox
of the United States Navy is about to visit England, Ireland & France
under orders of this Department.

Age 40 years 5 months
Height 5 feet 9 inches
Weight 148 lbs.
Eyes Brown
Hair Black
Complexion Ruddy

Given under my hand and
the seal of the Navy Depart-
ment at the City of Washing-
ton the thirtieth day
of November
in the year 1907 and of the
independence of the United
States the one hundred
and forty-second.

Josephus Daniels