Rear Admiral Husband Edward Kimmel, USN (Ret.)

Letter dated 25 January 1962 to Mr. Lloyd Tatum regarding Kimmel's book (Admiral Kimmel's Story), and Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation J. Edgar Hoover ignoring a request from Kimmel to identify a witness who claimed that Kimmel and Lieutenant General Walter Campbell Short were not on speaking terms.

193 Plant Street
Groton, Connecticut
January 25, 1962

Dear Mr. Tatum,

My thanks for your letter of December 7, 1961.

My book, "Admiral Kimmel's Story" was published in 1955 by the Henry Regnery Company of Chicago. It is still in print.

I am mailing you under seperate cover a copy of some letters I was forced to write to Mr. Clarence Connor in 1958.

I have never received a reply to my letter to Mr. J. Edgar Hoover of 8 July 1958 and I have never been supplied with the name of the individual who is alleged to have testified that General Short and I were not on speaking terms.

My apologies for the delay in my reply but a trip to the hospital slowed us for a time.

Husband E. Kimmel