Admiral David G. Farragut's Letter to his wife.

Letter signed, dated 4 August 1864, on board USS Hartford off Mobile. To his wife"

Image of 1st page of Admiral Farragut's letter to his wife.

Flagship Hartford
Western Gulf Blockading Squadron.

Off Mobile, Augsut 4, 1864

My dearest Wife,
I write and
leave this letter for you.
I am going into Mobile
Bay in the morning if
"God is my leader" as I
hope he is, and in him
I place my trust, if
he thinks it is the proper
place for me to die
I am ready to submit
to his will, in that as
all other things. My
great mortification
is that my vessels, the
Iron clads were not
ready to have gone
in yesterday. The
army landed last
night and are in full

Image of 2nd page of Admiral Farragut's letter to his wife.

view of us this morning
and the Tecumseh has not
yet arrived from Pen-

God bless and preserve you
my darling and my dear
boy, if anything should
happen to me - and may
his blessings also rest up-
on your dear mother and
all your sisters and their

Your devoted and affection
-ate husband, who never
for one moment forgot
his love, duty, or fidelity -
to you his devoted and
best of wives.

Very truly yours
/s/ D.G. Farragut

Mrs. D.G. Farragut
Hastings on the Hudson, N.Y.