Commodore Thomas A. Dornin, USN

LS Dated 27 December 1862, Naval Station, Baltimore. To Commander Patterson, USS James Adger.Directing him to report to Dornin when Adger is ready to leave port for her station.

 LS dated 27 Dec 1862 Page 1

LS dated 27 Dec 1862 Page 1


LS dated 27 Dec 1862 Page 2

LS dated 27 December 1862


Commandants Office
Naval Station, Baltimore
Dec. 27th 1862

You will please
Report to me when the US
Steamer James Adger under
your command will be
ready to leave this port for
her station
Your ob[edien]t servant
Thomas A. Dornin

T. H. Patterson
US. Steamer James Adger
Baltimore, Md



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Commodore Dornin
Dec. 27th 1862
Directing him to report
when the USS James Adger
will be ready for sea.