Jefferson Davis

LS dated 29 January 1841, Washington. To George Bancroft, Secertary of the Navy. Recommends a Midshipman warrant for Robert Parker Richardson. Also Signed by Steven Adams and R.W. Roberts.

 LS dated 29 Jan 1841

LS dated 29 Jan 1841


29th January 1841

Hon[orable] George Bancroft
Sec. of the Navy

Sir to the recom-
mendations accompanying the application
for Robert Parker Richardson for a mid-
shipmans warrant, we would add our
warmest wish that as soon as may he, such
warrant may be conferred upon him

The gentlemen whose letters are
Herewith forwarded are of the highest res
pectability and entitled to the first con-

Very Respectfully

Jefferson Davis
Stephen Adams
R.W. Roberts
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