Asa Curtis, Gunner, USN


LS dated 23 September 1841. From Robert Kirk to Asa Curtis, regarding a dispute over a payment for "repairs.

Letter to Asa Curtis dated 23 September 1841 [Page 1].

Letter dated 23 September 1841
[Page 1].

New York Sept. 23rd 1841
Mr Curtis
Dear Sir
I yesterday received a letter
from Mrs Eli Curtis. She says you would be pleased
to have me collect the note spoken of when you were
here. If I can serve you in any way shall be most
happy to do so, by making same in letter giving part-
iculars as to procedure in case of failure to meet it
when presented. Will be prosecuted with despatch.
Mrs C. says you are not satisfied with the account
as made by Messrs Glover and McMurray and think there
has been unfairness on their part. I exhibited the letter
to Capt. Scott - her friend - he says he is perfectly satisfied
that the Capt. was greatly indebted to them. In the first
place he was to pay for his 1/3 $3,500 the repairs amounted
to a very considerable sum. When sold she brought, say
$4,500 one third of which is $1,500 making his loss on the
1/3 without any reference to repairs $2,000 admitting
they have charged as accepted and paid ditto $1,500 which
I think exceeds the whole sum. It must have been a
successful voyage to have netted a sum sufficient to
have made them indebted to the Capt. however Scott
will procure a correct statement of the whole receipt
which I will transmit.
Yours etc.
Rob[er]t Kirk
21Y Front St NY

Letter to Asa Curtis dated 23 September 1841 [Page 2].

Letter dated 23 September 1841
[Page 2].

[Page 2]
[Postmarked New York Sep 23]
Asa Curtis Esq
U. S. Naval Asylum