Asa Curtis, Gunner, USN


LS dated 17 January 1840. From M. Paulding to James Biddle, Governor of the US Naval Asylum, Philadelphia, acknowledging his request for "Mr Curtis" to be appointed as Midshipman in the US Navy.

Letter from Secretary of the Navy, M. Paulding, dated 17 January 1840.

Letter dated 17 January 1840

Navy Department
Jan[uar]y 17th 1840
Your letter referring to an application
presented last winter for the appointment
of Mr Curtis as Midshipman has been
received. The application of the young
man will be considered favourably
as opportunity occurs for appointing
I am very respectfully
Sir, your ob[edient]t ser[van]t
M Paulding

Commodore Ja[me]s Biddle
Governor of the U. S. Naval
Asylum, Philadelphia