Certificate Making Mrs. Burke "Destroyer Lady"

Image of Mrs. Burke's certificate as Destroyer Lady.

Image of Mrs. Burke's certificate as Destroyer Lady.


To all who shall see these presents, Greetings:
Know ye, that in special recognition of the personal character and abilities of
Mrs. Arleigh A. Burke
who, as the devoted wife of a Destroyerman in good standing, has repeatedly demonstrated her patriot-
ism, loyalty, fortitude and a continuing love and esteem for Destroyers, and has frequently contributed to
the morale of the Destroyer Force by her cheerful willingness to render assistance to the families of other
destroyermen when in need, I do herewith appoint her, by and with the consent of the officers and men
of the aforesaid force, a
of the
Know ye throughout the United States Navy that, as a special mark of our gratitude, she is entitled to
wear the Destroyermen's insignia. Further, she is entitled to all the privileges of a Destroyer Lady, and
I do strictly charge and require all members of the Destroyer Force to render to her every courtesy, and
their highest esteem, and I do encourage them to assist her in any manner within their capabilities when-
ever the opportunity arises, by the normal tenets of chivalry or by actual necessity.

"For though at sea her spouse may roam,
She valiantly serves her ship at home."

Done, on this 5th day of July, in the year of our Lord 1960.

[signed] C. E. Weakley [Charles Enright]
Rear Admiral, U.S. Navy