Captain William Bainbridge, USN

DS dated 30 June 1818. To Lieutenant Josiah Tattnall. Orders to report for duty on board the U.S. frigate Macedonian.

 DS dated 30 June 1818, page1.  

Navy Department
June 30th 1818

Report yourself to Commodore William
Bainbridge for duty on board the United States
Frigate Macedonian, Captain John Down[e]s
I am Respectfully
Your Obedient Servant

By order of the Secretary of the Navy
Benjamin Homans [Secretary, Navy Pension Fund]

Report yourself to Captain Downes
for duty in pursuance of the
above order
Wm Bainbridge

Lieut. Josiah Tattnall
US Navy

 DS dated 30 June 1818, page 2.  

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Orders to the Mac-
June 30th 1818

Lieut. Josiah Tattnall
U.S. Navy Boston