Daniel Ammen, Rear Admiral, USN

ALS dated 10 March 1886 to Mr. E.C. Brown.

 ALS dated 10 March 1886, page 1.  

Beltsville, Md
10th March '86

E.C. Brown, Esqr
Your note of the 8th is at
hand and as there is no time like the
present is answered at once.
As requested I enclosed a copy
of the Sunday Herald, which you
will be good enough to return. I
think I wrote you something of its
history but it explains itself fairly.
I might have added the fact that
my friend Steedman had returned
my letter on the "physiology of be-
lief" unopened - actually not know-
ing a good thing when he held
it in his hands! I felt in-
dignant at the time but at the
request of Admiral Rodgers put
the paper in my desk after pre-
paring it for publication, and

 ALS dated 10 March 1886, page 2.   [page 2]
brought it out only after Roe's attack
on me in the Army & Navy Jour-
nal and my reply which I sent
you and do not wish having another
copy. The enclosed paper which
you will be good enough to return
afforded me more amusement in
writing than Steedman in reading
- to be sure it took me more time.
I read the Century generally &
now am Buell's Shitch Reviewed
which is admirable.
The General Ammen mentioned
by him is my brother who now lives
near me and graduated at West
Point in 1831.
The corrections I sent you some
months ago I trust you will adopt.
Very truly yours
Daniel Ammen