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WASHINGTON DC 20374-5060

Inventory of the Naval Records Collection of the Office of Naval Records and Library, in Record Group 45.

All of these documents are located at the National Archives and Records Administration, 700 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20408, and all inquiries about these records should be made to them.

Appendix K

Outline of Logistics File, 1916-20 (Entry 522)

A Secretary's Office 1917-16
  A-1 Logistics Relations with Other Government Departments
    A-1-a General 1917-26
    A-1-b Agriculture 1918-19
    A-1-c Commerce 1917-19
    A-1-d Executive (White House) 1918
    A-1-f Labor 1917-19
    A-1-h State 1916-20
    A-1-i Treasury 1917-19
    A-1-j War 1916-19
    A-1-k Patent Office 1918-20
  A-2 Labor
    A-2-a Domestic 1917-18
    A-2-b Foreign 1917-19
    A-2-d Strikes 1917-19
  A-3 Finances
    A-3-a General 1917-19
    A-3-b Appropriations 1917-19
    A-3-c Estimates--Aircraft 1917-22
    A-3-d Expenditures 1916-21
    A-3-e Foreign 1918
    A-3-f Naval Emergency Fund 1917-18
  A-5 U.S. Shipping Board and Emergency Fleet Corporation
    A-5-a General 1917-20
    A-5-c Ship Building Plants 1917-19
    A-5-d Steel Ships 1917-19
    A-5-e Wooden Ships 1917-19
  A-6 Privileges Offered or Granted
    A-6-a General 1917-18
    A-6-b Donations 1919
    A-6-c Land or Building Sites 1917-20
    A-6-d Vessels 1917
    A-6-e Loans 1917
  A-7 Compensation Board
    A-7-a General n.d.
    A-7-b Additional Plant Facilities n.d.
    A-7-c Completing Work n.d.
    A-7-d Construction at Private Yards n.d.
  A-9 Boards
    A-9-a General Board (Navy) 1914-20
    A-9-c Other Boards 1916-20
  A-10 Naval Consulting Board
    A-10-c Inventions and Suggestions 1916-20
B Office of Operations 1917-26
  B-1 Preparation and Readiness 1916-18
    B-1-a General 1917-27
    B-1-b First Naval District (Home Port) Boston, MA 1916-19
    B-1-c Second Naval District (Home Port) New London, CT 1917-18
    B-1-d Third Naval District (Home Port) Brooklyn, NY 1914-19
    B-1-e Fourth Naval District (Home Port) Philadelphia, PA 1917-20
    B-1-f Fifth Naval District (Home Port) Hampton Roads, VA 1916-19
    B-1-g Sixth Naval District (Home Port) Charleston, SC 1918-19
    B-1-h Seventh Naval District (Home Port) Key West, FL 1916
    B-1-i Eighth Naval District (Home Port) New Orleans, LA 1918-19
    B-1-j Ninth Naval District (Home Port) Great Lakes n.d.
    B-1-k Tenth Naval District (Home Port) Great Lakes n.d.
    B-1-l Eleventh Naval District (Home Port) Great Lakes n.d.
    B-1-m Twelfth Naval District (Home Port) San Francisco, CA 1918-20
    B-1-n Thirteenth Naval District (Home Port) Bremerton, WA 1918-20
    B-1-p Fifteenth Naval District (Home Port) Balboa, CZ n.d.
  B-2 Coast Guard
    B-2-a General 1916-18
    B-2-b Stations 1917-18
    B-2-c Officers 1918
    B-2-d Enlisted Personnel 1918
  B-3 Light House Service including Light Ships and Buoys
    B-3-a General 1917-21
    B-3-b Naval Districts
    B-3-b-1 First Naval District 1918
    B-3-b-2 Second Naval District n.d.
    B-3-b-3 Third Naval District 1918-19
    B-3-b-5 Fifth Naval District 1917-19
    B-3-b-7 Seventh Naval District 1917-19
    B-3-b-8 Eighth Naval District n.d.
    B-3-b-12 Twelfth Naval District 1919
    B-3-b-13 Thirteenth Naval District n.d.
    B-3-b-16 Sixteenth Naval District n.d.
    B-3-c Foreign 1916-24
  B-4 Naval Bases
    B-4-1 Tangier Sound, VA 1918
    B-4-2 York River, VA 1918
    B-4-3 Hampton Roads, VA 1917-19
    B-4-4 Wynne, MD 1918
    B-4-5 Solomon Islands 1918
    B-4-6 Queenstown, Ireland 1917-19
    B-4-7 Brest, France 1917-20
    B-4-8 St. Nazaire, France 1917-19
    B-4-9 Gibraltar, Spain 1917-24
    B-4-10 Port Jefferson, NY 1918
    B-4-11 Smithtown, NY 1918
    B-4-12 Newport, RI n.d.
    B-4-13 Ponta Delgada, Azores 1917-19
    B-4-14 Bordeaux, France 1917-19
    B-4-15 Christabel, CZ n.d.
    B-4-16 Key West, FL 1918
    B-4-17 Invergordon, Scotland 1917-18
    B-4-18 Inverness, Scotland 1917-19
    B-4-19 Lorient, France 1917-19
    B-4-20 Rochefort, France 1917-19
    B-4-21 Tompkinsville, NY 1918
    B-4-22 New London, CT 1918
    B-4-23 Halifax, Nova Scotia 1918
    B-4-24 Bermuda 1916-20
    B-4-25 Corfu, Greece 1918
    B-4-26 Balboa, CZ 1918
    B-4-27 Plymouth, England 1917-19
    B-4-28 Malta 1918-19
    B-4-29 Cardiff, Wales 1918-19
    B-4-30 Bizerta (Tunis), Africa 1918
    B-4-31 Coco Solo, CZ 1918
    B-4-32 Guam 1917
    B-4-a Submarine Base, Berehaven, Ireland 1917-18
    B-4-b Submarine Base, New London, CT 1917-18
    B-4-c General 1917-24
    B-4-d Cherrystone Section Base, Cape Charles, VA 1917-19
    B-4-e Foreign (Other than U.S.) 1917-19
    B-4-f Fuel Station, Bimini Island, Bahamas 1918
    B-4-g Pacific Bases, Samoa, Guam 1917-19
    B-4-h Troop Base, Cherbourg, France 1918
    B-4-i Virgin Islands n.d.
  B-5 Armed Guard
    B-5-a General 1917-18
    B-5-c New York Office 1917-18
    B-5-d Norfolk Office 1917-18
    B-5-e Philadelphia 1918
    B-5-f Ships 1917-19
  B-6 Communications
    B-6-a General 1917-26
    B-6-b Cables 1917-19
    B-6-c Censorship 1917-18
    B-6-d Foreign 1917-19
    B-6-e Mail 1914-21
    B-6-f Telegraph 1915-19
    B-6-g Telephone 1915-18
    B-6-h Radio and Radio Stations 1915-20
  B-8 Transportation
    B-8-a Transportation 1917-19
    B-8-b Handling Cargo 1917-23
    B-8-c Handling Troops 1917-19
    B-8-e Preparation and Fitting Out--Cruisers and Transports 1917-19
    B-8-f Preparation and Fitting Out--N.O.T.S. Vessels 1917-19
    B-8-g Preparation and Fitting Out--Army Vessels (U.S.A.C.T.) 1917-20
    B-8-h Preparation and Fitting Out--Other American Vessels 1917-19
    B-8-i Preparation for Return of Troops 1918-19
    B-8-j Preparation for Return of Sick, Wounded, and Disabled 1918-19
    B-8-k Foreign Ships Used for Transporting Troops and Cargo 1917-19
  B-9 Intelligence Service 1917
    B-9-a General 1917-19
    B-9-d Third Naval District (Home Port) Brooklyn, NY 1917
    B-9-f Fifth Naval District (Home Port) Hampton Roads, VA 1917
    B-9-g Sixth Naval District (Home Port) Charleston, SC n.d.
    B-9-m Twelfth Naval District (Home Port) San Francisco, CA 1917
    B-9-r American Intelligence in Other Countries n.d.
    B-9-s Foreign Intelligence Service n.d.
  B-10 Gunnery Exercises and Target Practice 1911-24
  B-11 Mobilization
    B-11-a General (Materiel Only) 1917
    B-11-b Material for Ships 1917
    B-11-c Material for Bases and Stations 1916-18
  B-12 Demobilization
    B-12-a General 1918-19
    B-12-b Ship Materials 1917-19
    B-12-c Bases and Stations 1918-19
C Aviation  
  C-1 Aircraft and Appurtenances
    C-1-a General 1916-20
    C-1-b Airplanes 1916
    C-1-c Seaplanes 1914-19
    C-1-d Kite Balloons 1916-19
    C-1-e Airships (Dirigibles, Blimps) 1917-19
    C-1-f Foreign 1917-18
  C-2 Aircraft Plants
    C-2-a General 1918
    C-2-b Naval Aircraft Factories 1918
    C-2-c Naval Aeronautic Experimental Station 1918
    C-2-d Helium and Helium Plants 1919
    C-2-e Foreign 1918
  C-3 Air Bases
    C-3-a General 1916-19
    C-3-b Arcachon, France 1918
    C-3-c Berehaven, Ireland 1917-18
    C-3-d Bolsena, Italy 1918
    C-3-e Brest, France 1917-19
    C-3-f Dunkirk, France 1917-19
    C-3-g Eastleigh, England 1918-19
    C-3-h Fromentine, France 1918
    C-3-i Guipavas, France 1918-19
    C-3-j Gujan, France 1918
    C-3-k Ile Tudy, France 1917-19
    C-3-l Killingholme, England 1918-19
    C-3-m L'Aber Vrach, France 1917-18
    C-3-n La Pallice, France 1918
    C-3-o La Trinite, France 1918
    C-3-p Le Croisic, France 1917-19
    C-3-q Lough Foyle, Ireland 1918
    C-3-r Malpensa, Italy 1918
    C-3-s Milan, Italy 1918
    C-3-t Moutchie, France 1917-19
    C-3-u Paimboeuf, France 1918-19
    C-3-v Pauillac, France 1917-19
    C-3-w Pescara, Italy 1918
    C-3-x Porto Corsini, Italy 1918-19
    C-3-y Queenstown, Ireland 1918
    C-3-z Rochefort, France 1918
    C-3-aa Rome, Italy 1918
    C-3-bb St. Trojan, France 1918
    C-3-cc Treguier, France 1918
    C-3-dd Wexford, Ireland 1918-19
    C-3-ee Whiddy Island, Ireland 1918
    C-3-ff Foreign 1917-19
  C-4 Mobilization 1917-18
  C-5 Demobilization
    C-5-a General 1918-19
    C-5-b France 1918-19
    C-5-c Great Britain 1918-19
    C-5-d Italy 1918-19
    C-5-e Ireland 1919
D Construction and Repair 1916-18
  D-1 Ships
    D-1-a Battleships 1918-23
    D-1-b Monitors 1917-19
    D-1-c Battle Cruisers, First Line 1918-19
    D-1-d Cruisers, Second Line 1915-20
    D-1-e Light Cruisers, First and Second Line 1918-19
    D-1-f Aircraft Carriers 1917-21
    D-1-g Mine Layers (CM 1-4) 1917-19
    D-1-h Destroyers 1915-23
    D-1-i Light Mine Layers 1917-18
    D-1-k Submarines and Torpedo Boats 1915-22
    D-1-l Patrol Vessels--Eagles (PE 1-60) 1917-19
    D-1-m Patrol Vessels--Submarine Chasers (PC 23-444) 1916-24
    D-1-n Patrol Vessels--Gunboats (PG 7-42) 1915-19
    D-1-o Patrol Vessels--Yachts (PY 1-10) 1917-19
    D-1-p Auxiliaries--Destroyer Tenders (AD 1-9), Submarine Tenders (AS 1-8), and Airship Tender (AS 1) 1917-20
    D-1-q Repair Ships (AR 1-4) 1917-22
    D-1-r Store Ships (AF 1-6) 1917-19
    D-1-s Colliers (AC 5-17) 1917-19
    D-1-t Oilers (AD 1-13) 1918-23
    D-1-u Ammunition Ships (AE 1-2) 1918
    D-1-v Cargo Ships (AK 1-11) 1917-19
    D-1-x Transports (AP 1-3) 1917-27
    D-1-y Hospital Ships (AH 1-4) 1917-19
    D-1-z Fleet Tugs (AT 10-59) 1917-20
    D-1-aa Mine Sweepers (AM 1-54) 1917-20
    D-1-bb Miscellaneous (AG 1-7) 1917-19
    D-1-cc Unclassified (24 in number) 1917-19
    D-1-dd Whale Boats, Dinghies, and Other Small Boats 1917-21
    D-1-ee General 1915-23
    D-1-ff Foreign Ships, All Classes 1914-19
    D-1-gg Building Programs and Policies 1917-19
  D-2 Salvaging (Material Only) 1917-18
  D-3 Protective Measures
    D-3-c Periscopes 1916-20
    D-3-d Gas Masks and Gas Defense 1917-25
    D-3-e Life Preservers 1916-19
    D-3-f Draeger Diving Rescuer 1916
  D-4 Mobilization 1917-19
  D-5 Demobilization 1918-19
E Engineering 1917-23
  E-1 Engines
    E-1-a General 1917-22
    E-1-b Steam 1917-19
    E-1-c Oil 1917-18
    E-1-d Gas 1916-18
    E-1-e Appliances and Parts 1916-23
    E-1-f Repair and Overhaul 1916-19
  E-2 Motors
    E-2-a General 1917-19
    E-2-b American Types 1916-18
    E-2-c Foreign Types 1917-18
  E-3 Electrical Appliances--Except as Specially Provided 1917-20
  E-4 Radio
    E-4-a General 1917-19
    E-4-b Material and Appliances 1917-19
    E-4-c On Ships 1913-19
    E-4-d Stations 1916-22
    E-4-e Radio Compass 1917-19
    E-4-f Repairs and Alterations 1917
    E-4-g Foreign 1917-19
    E-4-h Microphones n.d.
  E-5 Search-lights 1916-20
  E-6 Signaling
    E-6-a General 1917-18
    E-6-b Semiphore 1917
    E-6-c Blinker 1917-18
    E-6-d Recognition and Identification Marks 1917-19
  E-7 Pigeons
    E-7-a General 1917-20
    E-7-b Home Stations (U.S.) n.d.
    E-7-c Abroad 1917-18
    E-7-d Training and Care 1917-19
  E-8 Telegraphy and Telephoning
    E-8-a General 1917-18
    E-8-b Telegraph and Telephone Lines and Stations 1916-19
    E-8-c Telegraph Machines, Parts and Appliances 1917-18
  E-11 Demobilization 1918
F Ordnance 1917-18
  F-1 Armor 1917-18
  F-2 Ammunition
    F-2-a General 1916-19
    F-2-b Powder 1917-19
    F-2-c Other Explosives 1917-19
    F-2-d Cartridges 1917-18
    F-2-e Depots 1917-19
    F-2-f Ships 1918
    F-2-g Foreign 1914-20
  F-3 Powder Factories
    F-3-a General 1918
    F-3-b American 1918
    F-3-c Foreign 1912-18
  F-4 Gun Factories
    F-4-a General 1918
    F-4-b American 1918
    F-4-c Foreign 1917-18
  F-5 Weapons
    F-5-a General 1917-18
    F-5-b Gas 1917-19
    F-5-c Smoke Shells and Other Smoke Devices 1917-18
    F-5-d Small Arms 1917-18
    F-5-e Foreign 1917-18
  F-6 Torpedoes and Mines
    F-6-a General 1917-19
    F-6-b Torpedoes 1911-26
    F-6-c Mines 1905-20
    F-6-d Depth Charges 1917-19
    F-6-e Bombs 1917-20
    F-6-f Foreign 1917-29
  F-7 Ordnance Plants
    F-7-a General 1917
  F-8 Proving Grounds 1918
  F-9 Projectiles
    F-9-a General 1917-24
    F-9-b Tests, Experiments, and Specifications 1917-20
    F-9-c Parts and Appliances 1917
    F-9-d Foreign 1913-19
  F-10 Illumination Devices
    F-10-a General 1917-21
    F-10-b Star Shells 1917-19
    F-10-c Very Lights 1918-19
    F-10-d Foreign 1918
  F-11 Ordnance Optical Instruments
    F-11-a General 1917-18
    F-11-b Range Finders, Parts, and Appliances 1917-19
    F-11-c Telescopes for Guns 1917-18
    F-11-d Range Transmitters and Indicators 1916-18
    F-11-e Periscopes 1918
    F-11-f Foreign 1913-20
  F-13 Guns
    F-13-a General 1917-19
    F-13-b Naval 1917-19
    F-13-c Machine 1917-20
    F-13-d Aircraft 1916-18
    F-13-e Y-guns 1917-19
    F-13-f Tests 1917-19
    F-13-g Gunsights 1917-19
    F-13-h Gun Mounts 1917-20
    F-13-i Foreign 1912-19
  F-14 Nets
  F-15 Batteries
    F-15-a General 1917-19
    F-15-b On Ships 1917-19
    F-15-c On Shore, Including Naval Railway Batteries 1918-19
    F-15-d Foreign Factories 1919
  F-16 Mobilization 1917
  F-17 Demobilization 1918-19
G Supplies and Accounts 1914-25
  G-1 Supplies
    G-1-a General 1915-27
    G-1-b Purchase 1917-19
    G-1-c Distribution and Shipment 1916-19
    G-1-d Expenditures for Supplies 1916-19
    G-1-e Deterioration and Condemned 1918-19
    G-1-f Foreign 1917-19
  G-4 Fuel
    G-4-c Gasoline 1917-24
    G-4-d General 1917-20
  G-5 Statistics 1918-19
  G-7 War Risk and Insurance
    G-7-a General 1917-19
    G-7-b Allotments 1917-19
    G-7-c Insurance 1917-19
  G-8 Supply Ships 1918
  G-9 Pay
    G-9-a General 1917-19
    G-9-b Officers' Quarters, Heat and Light 1917-19
    G-9-c Base Pay, Personnel 1917-19
    G-9-d Retainer Pay, Personnel 1918
    G-9-e Subsistence, Personnel 1914-24
    G-9-f Foreign 1918-24
  G-10 Liberty Loan
    G-10-a General 1917-19
    G-10-b Shore Stations 1918-19
    G-10-c On Ships 1918-19
  G-11 Sales and Salvage
    G-11-a General 1917-25
    G-11-b Material 1916-26
    G-11-c Ships 1916-21
    G-11-d Property--Land 1918-19
    G-11-e Salvage Charges 1916-23
    G-11-f Foreign 1917-19
  G-13 Demobilization 1916-19
H Yards and Docks 1917-19
  H-1 Public Works
    H-1-a Construction 1917-24
    H-1-b Maintenance and Operation, Including Water Works Supplies 1917-19
    H-1-c General 1917-24
  H-2 Docks
    H-2-a General 1917-19
    H-2-b Dry Docks 1917-19
    H-2-c Floating Docks 1918-19
    H-2-d Foreign 1917-24
  H-3 Base Facilities 1917-18
  H-4 Port Facilities
    H-4-a Home Ports 1917-19
    H-4-b Foreign 1912-22
  H-5 Housing for War Needs 1917-19
  H-7 Demobilization 1918-19
I Judge Advocate General 1918
  I-1 Courts Martial 1917-27
  I-2 Courts of Inquiry 1915-24
  I-3 Prisoners and Prison Administration
    I-3-a American 1917-19
    I-3-b Foreign 1917-23
  I-4 Naturalization 1918
  I-5 Solicitor's Office 1918
    I-5-a Contracts 1917-20
    I-5-b Bonds 1919
    I-5-c Leases 1917-19
    I-5-d Insurance 1918-20
    I-5-e Board on Valuation of Commandeered Property 1919
    I-5-f Claims--Personnel 1917-19
    I-5-g Claims for Ships 1912-24
    I-5-h Other Property 1917-23
    I-5-i Settlement 1917-25
K Medicine and Surgery 1918-24
  K-1 Training
    K-1-a General 1918
    K-1-c In Hospitals (Civil and Naval) 1918
    K-1-d On Ships (Civil and Naval) 1918
  K-2 Dispensaries 1918-19
  K-3 Hospitals
    K-3-a General 1917-19
    K-3-b U.S. Naval Hospitals 1917-19
    K-3-c U.S. Civil Hospitals 1918-21
    K-3-d Foreign 1917-18
  K-4 Medical Supplies
    K-4-a General 1918-19
    K-4-b Medical Supplies and Equipment 1917-19
    K-4-c Dental Supplies 1918
    K-4-d Depots, U.S. 1918
    K-4-e Depots, Foreign 1917-18
  K-5 Medical Laboratories 1918
  K-6 Hygiene and Sanitation
    K-6-a General 1916-18
    K-6-b Health 1916-23
    K-6-c Living Conditions (Ships and Stations) 1916-19
    K-6-d Food 1918
    K-6-e Foreign 1914-18
  K-7 Medical Personnel
    K-7-a General 1917-18
    K-7-b Officers 1916-19
    K-7-c Hospital Corps Men 1917-18
    K-7-e Foreign 1919-22
  K-8 Disposition of the Dead
    K-8-a General 1912-27
    K-8-b In U.S. 1916-27
    K-8-c At Sea 1918
    K-8-d Abroad 1914-23
  K-9 Hospital Ships
    K-9-a General--U.S. 1917-18
    K-9-c Distinguishing Marks 1917-18
    K-9-d Foreign Hospital Ships 1917-18
  K-11 Demobilization 1918-19
L Navigation 1916-22
  L-1 Personnel 1917-27
    L-1-a Enlistments and Enrollments, Recruiting and Volunteers 1914-26
    L-1-b Assignments 1912-27
    L-1-c Transfers 1916-24
    L-1-d Promotions and Rewards 1916-19
    L-1-e Discharges, Disenrollments and Assignments to Inactive Duty 1916-24
    L-1-f Uniform 1911-24
    L-1-g Complement 1916-20
    L-1-h Identification Tags 1916-19
    L-1-i Chevrons 1917-19
    L-1-j General 1916-27
    L-1-k Foreign 1917-19
  L-2 Transportation (Naval Personnel)
    L-2-a General 1910-26
    L-2-b Delay and Expediting Transportation 1917-23
    L-2-c Men 1917-24
    L-2-d Officers 1916-23
    L-2-e Prisoners 1917-19
    L-2-f Quarters 1917-19
    L-2-g Return of Attendants, Nurses, Signal-men, Including Cost of 1917-24
    L-2-h Sick, Wounded, and Disabled 1916-18
  L-3 Training
    L-3-a General 1917-23
    L-3-b Armed Guard 1917-18
    L-3-c Aviation (Except at U.S. Foreign Aviation Bases) 1914-19
    L-3-e Cooking 1917-18
    L-3-f Construction 1917
    L-3-g Electrical 1917-18
    L-3-h Engineering, Including Firemen 1917-18
    L-3-i Fleet 1916-25
    L-3-j Foreign 1917-19
    L-3-k Navigation 1917-18
    L-3-l Ordnance and Gunnery 1914-19
    L-3-m Photography 1918-19
    L-3-n Seamanship 1917-18
    L-3-o Rifle Ranges 1917-18
    L-3-p Listening Devices 1918
    L-3-q Submarines 1911-18
    L-3-r Radio 1917-18
    L-3-s Training 1918
    L-3-s-1 Great Lakes 1917-18
    L-3-s-4 Norfolk, VA 1917-18
    L-3-s-5 Pensacola, FL 1916-18
    L-3-t Naval Training Schools and Camps
    L-3-t-a Annapolis Ensigns School 1917-19
    L-3-t-4 Charleston, SC, Enginemen School 1918
    L-3-t-5 Columbia University Gas Engine School 1918
    L-3-t-10 Gyro Compass Schools 1917-18
    L-3-t-11 Listeners' Schools 1917-18
    L-3-t-14 Officers' Material Schools 1918
    L-3-t-17 Radio Schools 1918
    L-3-t-18 Radio Telephone Schools 1918
    L-3-t-19 Radio Compass Schools 1918
    L-3-t-20 Signal Schools 1918
    L-3-t-21 Student Army Training Camp (Naval Units) 1918
    L-3-t-22 Submarine Gunnery Schools 1918
    L-3-t-24 Yeomen Schools 1917-18
    L-3-t-25 Engineering Schools 1918
    L-3-t-26 Petty Officer Schools 1917-18
    L-3-t-27 Submarine Schools (New London and others) 1917-18
    L-3-t-28 Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA 1918
    L-3-t-30 Bumpkin Island, MA, Training Camp 1918
    L-3-t-32 Charleston, SC, Naval Training Camp 1918
    L-3-t-35 Harvard University Naval Training Camp 1917-18
    L-3-t-36 Hingham, MA, Naval Training Camp 1917-18
    L-3-t-37 Key West, FL, Naval Training Camp 1919
    L-3-t-38 Mare Island, CA, Naval Training Camp 1919-23
    L-3-t-40 Newport Naval Reserve Training Camp (Cloyne Field) 1917
    L-3-t-41 Pelham Bay Park, NY, Naval Training Camp 1917-18
    L-3-t-44 San Diego, CA, Naval Training Camp 1918-19
    L-3-t-45 San Pedro, CA, Naval Training Camp 1918-19
    L-3-t-46 Seattle, WA, Naval Training Camp 1917-18
    L-3-t-49 General 1915-19
    L-3-u Receiving Ships
    L-3-u-1 Boston, MA 1918
    L-3-u-2 Brooklyn, NY (Armed Draft Depot, City Park Barracks) 1917-19
    L-3-u-12 Liverpool, England 1918
    L-3-u-19 Pelham Bay, NY 1917
    L-3-u-20 Pensacola, FL 1918
    L-3-u-21 Philadelphia, PA 1918
    L-3-u-23 Puget Sound, WA 1918
    L-3-u-24 San Francisco, CA 1917-18
    L-3-u-25 Washington, DC 1919
    L-3-u-29 General n.d.
  L-4 Discipline
    L-4-a General 1917-20
    L-4-b On Shore 1914-24
    L-4-c On Ships 1916-19
    L-4-d In Foreign Ports 1915-24
  L-5 Morale, Welfare and Recreation
    L-5-a General n.d.
    L-5-c Athletics 1917-24
    L-5-d Books and Libraries 1918
    L-5-f Music and Song 1918
    L-5-h Protective Laws and Orders 1917-18
    L-5-i Publicity 1918-19
    L-5-j Recreation Association of America 1918
    L-5-k Red Cross 1917-19
    L-5-m Theatrical Entertainments 1917-19
    L-5-n Y.M.C.A 1917-19
    L-5-p Y.M.H.A. 1919
  L-6 Naval Academy
    L-6-a General 1916-21
  L-7 Naval Militia
    L-7-a General 1917-19
  L-8 Naval Reserve Force
    L-8-a General 1916-21
  L-9 Hydrographic Office
    L-9-a General 1915-23
    L-9-b Charts and Maps 1917-24
    L-9-c Surveys 1918-24
  L-10 War College, Newport, RI 1920
    L-10-a General 1917-19
  L-11 Naval Home, Philadelphia, PA
    L-11-a General 1918
  L-12 Deserters and Desertions
    L-12-a General 1917-22
  L-13 Naval Observatory
    L-13-a General 1916-19
    L-13-b Binoculars and Opera Glasses--Naval 1917-18
    L-13-c Binoculars and Opera Glasses Loaned to Navy 1917-19
    L-13-d Compasses 1916-19
    L-13-e Gyro Compasses 1917-21
  L-14 Mobilization (Personnel)
    L-14-a General 1918
  L-15 Demobilization (Personnel)
    L-15-a General 1918-19

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