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Inventory of the Naval Records Collection of the Office of Naval Records and Library, in Record Group 45.

All of these documents are located at the National Archives and Records Administration, 700 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20408, and all inquiries about these records should be made to them.

Appendix E

Glossary of Abbreviations Used in Communications Sent and Received by U.S. Naval Forces Operating in European Waters (Entries 231, 245 and 272)

ALUSNA, Lisbon Naval Attaché, Lisbon
ALUSNA, Madrid Naval Attaché, Madrid
ALUSNA, Rome Naval Attaché, Rome
AMAIR, Dunkirk Commander, U.S. Naval Aviation Station, Dunkirk, France
AMAIR, Eastleigh Commanding Officer, Naval Air Station, Eastleigh
AMAIR, Le Croisic Commander, U.S. Naval Aviation Station, Le Croisic, France
AMAVI Commanding Officer, Naval Air Station, Pauillac, France
AMBORD Naval Port Officer, Bordeaux, France
AMGENAV, Genoa Naval Port Officer, Genoa
AMHINS Commander Naval High Power Detachment, Croix díHins, France
AMLAC Naval Port Officer, Pauillac, France
AMNAV Naval Port Officer, Liverpool
AMNAVPAR Naval Communication Office, Paris
AMNAZ Naval Port Officer, St. Nazaire, France
AMPLY Commanding Officer, Submarine Chaser Base, Plymouth, England
AMREN Naval Port Officer, Rouen, France
AMROCH District Commander, Rochefort, France
AMSAIL Naval Port Officer, Marseilles, France
AMVERD Naval Port Officer, Le Verdon, France
CHASNAV, Corfu Commander, Submarine Chaser Base, Corfu, Greece
NAVCO Naval Communications Office, Tours, France
PORTAM Naval Port Officer, Cardiff, Wales
PORTDAM Naval Port Officer, Rotterdam, Holland
PORTWERP Naval Port Officer, Antwerp, Belgium
SENAFLOAT, Gibraltar Commander, U.S. Patrol Squadrons based on Gibraltar
SIMSADUS, London Commander, U.S. Naval Forces Operating in European Waters

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21 June 2005